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Which FANO Leader or Group Refused Ervin Massinga a Proposal for Peace Negotiations ?

Which FANO Leader or Group Refused Ervin Massinga a Proposal for Peace Negotiations ?


Ervin Massinga, US Ambassador to Ethiopia, recently said in public that Fano has refused proposals for peace negotiations.

Who among the Fano leaders or which Fano military command did Ervin Massinga approach to make his inflammatory public statement?

Surely Ervin Massinga, as a seasoned diplomat of the most powerful nation in the world, knows that what he says in public has domestic and global implications. Has he had access to the mountain of incontrovertible evidence that the Abiy regime is waging a war of genocidal extermination against the Amhara people in Ethiopia.

For Erving Massinga’s information, the Amhara Fano has no quarrel both with the Oromo and Tigrayan people. Its fight is against the foreign-instigated OPDO/OLF and TPLF groups. It stands to reason that with the prior removal of these armed groups, there would be hardly any need for peace negotiations as the formation of a representative transitional government automatically becomes a foregone conclusion. On the other hand, criminals must face the rigours of the law in an impartial court of justice. Ambassador Ervin Massinga, what is your response to this peace proposal ? As for your “transitional justice”, there will be no need for it if you agree that the law should take its course.



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