7:52 pm - Tuesday January 31, 2023

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NOMORE: We Want Partnership Based on RESPECT | One Africa


The Big Buna Bash A children’s book about the Ethiopian buna coffee ceremony   by Sara Arnold   My book, The Big Buna Bash, has just been published by Brandylane Publishers, Inc.  I wrote this book especially for Ethiopian/American...

'Banana on steroids': Ethiopia's miracle food that could be a global warming lifesaver - The Sydney Morning Herald

                                Although enset grows wild from Ethiopia down to South Africa, it has only been domesticated in the Ethiopian Highlands, which has mystified researchers.   Described as  “a banana on...

Ethiopia: Mayday (S.O.S.) in August for the T-TPLF! [Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam]

These perpetual little panics of the French – which all arise from fear of the moment when they will really have to learn the truth – give one a much better idea of the Reign of Terror. We think of this as the reign of people who inspire...

ESAT Yehasab Menged

Esat Efeta on the recent PM press conference and Sebhat Nega’s Interview [Video]

TPLF MANIFESTO [by Dereje Tariku]

The Tigray People Liberation Front, TPLF had published their organization’s manifesto in February 1976, the booklet was printed in Sudan. The TPLF manifesto, clearly defined who a Tigryan is, the land that the TPLF considers as Tigray, and...

Rebecca MacKinnon: We can fight terror without sacrificing our rights