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Ghana President Shockingly Tells The West Stop This R*pe of Africa at the UN General Assembly

Special New Year Holiday program with Dr. Arvid Hogganvikk and his families - Arts Tv World

Emperor Menelik II, The Man Who Saved Ethiopia From Colonialism At The Battle of Adwa - The African Exponent

Emperor Menelik II is a revered man in history, he saved Ethiopia from colonization at the battle of Adwa! When the advent of colonialism swept across Africa, it was extremely insurmountable for most of the African leaders to resist the...

¨Arts Weg¨ Dr. Arvid Hogganvik [Arts TV World]

ESAT Special program Shaleka Dawit w/Giyorgis on Ethiopia Wedet Event June 2019

ESAT Yetsehafiyan Dimtsoch Reeyot with Meskerm Abera

Ethiopia: Former jail to become museum - Al Jazeera

Ethiopia: Former jail to become museum New president closed it several months ago as part of reforms. The administration of Ethiopia‘s southeastern Somali regional state has announced plans to...

The Conversation: Rwanda's genocide, 25 years on

Julius Maina Regional Editor East Africa This year marks the 25th anniversary of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Between 800,000 and one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed by marauding gangs over 100 days. In 2003 the United Nations, which...