5:18 pm - Monday June 15, 3125

Mr. Obang speaking alive about the election of Dr Abiy Ahmed as head of Ethiopia's EPRDF ruling coalition.

I would like to offer my congratulation to Dr Abiy Ahmed and I wish him good luck on his new job and success.

I would also like to congratulate the people Ethiopia who are working diligently to help bring the lasting change to Ethiopia through reconciliation, unity, freedom and peace.

We have much to think about as we enter a post-TPLF/EPRDF era, the era of ethnic domination and divisions that held Ethiopia back from moving forward.

A year ago, who would have thought such a change would be upon us. We now have a multitude of choices before us. How will each of us choose between them? Some will have better outcomes than the others.

Are there any criteria we should be considering? Will we be satisfied with quick solutions? Are we willing to settle for a transition to a new prime minister or new party leading our government or will we demand nothing short of building a new society where healing, reconciliation, restored justice and renewed life is seen throughout the villages of Ethiopia?

Our society is gravely ill and we have many who are wounded. How will we get our sick and wounded to a place where they can be healed?

If we the people are in control of the process, we must dismantle the system if we are to build a better Ethiopia for all; not a beggar Ethiopia for a few.

This is a time to reconcile. Instead of being a time to destroy, it is a time to rebuild. Instead of being a time for hostility and revenge, it is a time to reach out to others. Instead of being a time of isolation, it is a time to start talking with each other. Instead of being a time for vigilante justice or a perversion of justice, it is a time to restore justice to our courts.

We are faced with an Ethiopian crisis and it requires us Ethiopians to fix it; others can join us but we must set the direction and not be satisfied with getting only part of the way to our destination.

Let us hope this will be the beginning of the time to forgive and heal the bitter divisions between the beloved people of Ethiopia.

Let us hope this is the beginning of the time when the divided political parties can see that there is something bigger than their own political party and that is our humanity and then our country.

Let us hope this will be the beginning of time when people will work together for the common good despite our differences. May God protect all our precious people and beautiful country. Long live Ethiopia https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2036801349667954&id=152417821439659

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