Appeal to Ethiopian activists (Mustafa Omer)

The following is a partial list of people illegaly detained by Abdi Iley for years (one of them, Guleed Asoowe, completed 8 years in Ziway but was kidnapped from Addis Ababa after he was released and is now in Jail Ogaden – the main prison in Jigjiga).

Help us by copying this appeal into your timelines and asking the new Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to look into the ordeal of these citizens.

1. Dr. Hassan Abdullahi Bade
2. Nabadoon Abdi Dable
3. Siraje Adan
4. Abdikadir Dahir Sulub
5. Engineer Ahmed Nurie
6. Engineer Mohamed Ibraahim
7. Badal Hiis
8. Ibrahim Abdi (Didiq)
9. Halgan Hassan
10. Ahmed Mahamuud Adan (Tinish)
11. Khadiir Abdirahman
12. Jamiil Muxumed Gas
13. Guuleed Asowe
14. Mohamed Garaad-Hassan Ahmed Makhtal
15. Abdulwahab Suldan Mohamed Abdulkadir
16. Nasri Hassaan Dhibad
17. Axmed-Khaliif Sheikh Maxamed
18. Kamal Sheikh Abdinasir
19. Abdullahi Daa’ad
20. Abdihukun Ugas

You have done a good job of advocating and securing the release of prisoners of conscience who are mainly from the center. Thank you for that and it is a duty of all of us to advocate for human rights to all. The time has now come to test how much you care about the peripheries.

Mustafa Omer

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