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There is a time for everything under heaven (By Leoul Mekonen)

There is a time for everything under heaven

By Leoul Mekonen

Today Horn of Africa has experienced new history in the making. The Beloved new Ethiopian prime minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed arrived in Asmara Eritrea. This is family reunion after 20 years of war and conflict. I couldn’t believe my eyes the people of Asmara received Dr. Abiy with great pleasure. I thought it was in Addis Ababa. I have seen almost as much people in Addis Ababa who received our brother Dr. Abiy in Asmara. Now the doors and borders are opened families separated for years will now be unified. Ethiopia and Eritrea will emerge as super powers in Horn of Africa.

Nobody expected the conflict ends like this and two families will be reunited so soon in the midst of high political turmoil in Ethiopia for last three years. What Ethiopia has experienced for last three months is like resurrection from dead within three days. A country expected to be failed state like Somalia miraculously emerged out of ashes with a leader who appeared like the Biblical Moses who grew up in the house of Tigray apartheid regime.

It was with tears of joy I watched the people of Asmara receiving Dr. Abiy like king or like a lost son who returned back home after years. I have never seen Such magnitude of people in Asmara receiving Ethiopian leader since time of King Haileselasie.

God bless Ethiopia and Eritrea!

What a family reunification!


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