DLA Piper charges Al Amoudi and cohorts $5,000 for 8 hours of “work”

Elias Kifle | June 27th, 2014
Ethiopian Review

DLA Piper, the notorious law firm that represents blood thirsty dictators around the world, has been after me for the past several years. So far they have filed 3 lawsuits against me on behalf of Al Amoudi, the Woyanne junta, and their gang of criminals. Today they sent me a file that shows how much they are charging for their work, i.e., harassing journalists and bloggers on behalf of looters and murderers in the 3rd world.  For a simple motion to compel, DLA Piper is asking to be paid  $5264, claiming that its staff spent close to 8 hour preparing it. (See below) That is a shocking $5,000 for only 8 hours of mostly copying and pasting nonsensical legal jargon. The motion they filed should not take more than 30 minutes to prepare. So far I have received over 10,000 papers, letters and emails from DLA Piper. That means they have charged Al Amoudi & Co. and the regime in Ethiopia hundreds of thousands of dollars for harassing me alone. DLA Piper represents the Woyanne junta on other cases as well, such as lobbying U.S. and European lawmakers not to take measures that protect human rights in Ethiopia.
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