Second  year anniversary of the Bahir Dar massacre (By Achamyeleh Tamiru)

Second  year anniversary of the Bahir Dar massacre

By Achamyeleh Tamiru
Today marks the second-year anniversary of the Bahir Dar massacre in Ethiopia, where over 50 Amhara Ethiopias were gunned down by TPLF military snipers in just an hour. In addition to those who tragically lost their lives, the August 7 war on the Amharas left hundreds and thousands of Amhara teenagers and young severely injured. The massacre was authorized by the TPLF’s puppet Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn and the TPLF snipers are the ones who were mobilized to indiscriminately gun down the innocent Amhara civilians.
TPLF  military snipers who were deployed to conduct the August 7 massacre, in one way or the other,  are still undertaking their job of annihilating the Amharas of Ethiopia. The TPLF satellite organization and the partner in crime that has been set up to rule over the Amharas called Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) has allowed its main office, in Bahir Dar, to be used as a Headquarter of the Tigrian military sniper men who were dispatched to annihilate the Amharas.
In other words, the massacre of Amhara in Bahir Dar was conducted by TPLF military sniper men who were firing from the tower of the ANDM main building in Bahir Dar, an office that was supposed to safeguard the Amharas than exposing the them by hosting the Tigrian military sniper men who have been trained to finish the Amharas from the earth’s surface.
Bahir Dar remembers. And we remember our brothers and sisters gone too soon at the hands of the TPLF military sniper men
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