What has been happening in Ethiopia under the watch of Abiy Ahmed? (Achamyeleh Tamiru)

What has been happening in Ethiopia under the watch of Abiy Ahmed?
Achamyeleh Tamiru
1. There has been large-scale state sponsored nationwide ethnic violence and displacement under the watch of Abiy Ahmed;
2. Abiy Ahmed backed “mob justice” is on the rise and he is doing nothing to stop it. Last year an innocent non-Oromo was lynched and left hanging upside down in a public square in the town of Shashemene, a town governed by Abiy’s part, by a mob who were out to give a reception to Jawar Mohamed, an informal advisor to Abiy Ahmed, according to Reuters;
3. Ethnic mobs that are sponsored by Abiy Amhed have been looting the properties owned by non-Oromos who are living in the state of “Oromia”, a region that is ruled by the party of Abiy Ahmed. Abiy’s officials stood by idly, according to the hundreds and thousands of witnesses who are victims and minorities of living in the region;
4.  More than 50 Ethiopian Orthodox Churches have been burnt to the ground (with the numbers of casualties in thousands) by OLF, an organization Abiy Amhed’s party has formed a coalition with this past week. Even though OLF has  robbed more than 20 banks, this doesn’t stop Abiy to work in tandem with OLF;
5. After sending repeated threats to Eskindir Nega’s Balderas Council, a group fighting for equal rights of all Ethiopians in Addis Abeba, Abiy has jailed out spoken council members and charged them with terrorism charges;
6. Abiy Amhed gave a green light for his army generals to comment on routine political affairs and threaten journalist Temesgen Dessalegn by saying  “We will not take any responsibility if any ‘angered’ personal takes action on him” and he kept silent;
7.  In June and September of last year, in the southern city of Hawassa, and Burayu town of the state of “Oromoa”, several innocent men from Wolayta, Gamo, Gurage and Amhara ethnic group were burned alive by members of the mob that are mobilized by Jawar Mohamed;
8. This past July alone hundreds of non-Sidamas, mainly Christians, were massacred in Sidama Zone of SNNPR, by Sidama ethno-nationalist youth group known as Ejeto, who were encouraged to take the action by Jawar Mohamed, who is on the record saying,  “We will cut of the head of Christians”.  Neither the Army generals who stepped out of their duty to threaten journalists did their job of stopping this massacre and catch up the criminals nor  did their commander-in-chief Abiy Ahmed got the courage to condemn this heinous crime against Christians;
9. The Nobel Peace Prize committee said one of the factors that have been considered to award Abiy Ahmed the Nobel Peace Prize was the role Abiy played in resolving the Ethiopia-Eritrean boundary dispute. However, the Ethiopia-Eritrean boundary dispute has not been resolved yet;
10. Even though Abiy Ahmed is supposed to be the PM of all Ethiopians, the sole cause that is close to his heart is the special benefits of Oromos in Addis Ababa and he is tirelessly working day and night to impose the special interest of his region over the Ethiopians who were born and raised in Addis Abeba. For that end, he destroyed tens of thousands of non-Oromo homes in the city to give way for his Qeros and the members of his party. His mayor Takele Uma has also been implementing the demographic engineering program of Abiy’s party, an effort aimed to cleanse non-Oromos from the capital city;
11. Millions of Ethiopians who are living in the regions that are not designated as there’s are locked in their homes like animals fearing the genocide that is taking place all over the country. This is the day-to-day life of ordinary Ethiopians under the leadership of Abiy Ahemd though no one can talk about it because the regional mobs that are backed by Abiy Amhed won’t allow the media to report it.
With all these, stupid people are saying Abiy Ahmed deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. What has he done to resolve all those multitude of crises facing Ethiopia and Ethiopians? NOTING! I feel that he gets the Peace Prize for the large scale state sponsored ethnic violence, massacre and displacement that has been going under his watch!  The Nobel Peace Prize committee should first find humanity in themselves and then find humans worth peace prizes. What a shame!
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