You’re blocking the road to democracy (Kibour Sealam)

You’re blocking the road to democracy


Kibour Sealam


The wish to “prohibit” the demonstration planned to take place at Meskel Square in Addis Ababa Sunday and the unfolding observed as a result of it once again proven the dangerous path of the violent group, Qerro, and the ringleaders behind it.

These guys have also demonstrated their arrogance when they downplayed the backbreaking job of the country’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who wowed African leaders building Unity Park inside the palace. The pessimists prefer to wander around a statue dedicated to a fabricated history.

Friday’s news of Abiy’s Nobel Peace Prize as well seems to have displeased them. Unless properly dealt with, the group’s confused ambition will completely shutter the light at the end of the tunnel.

The group closed all roads that takes to Addis Ababa from Amhara region at Goha Tsion (a road from Gojjam to Addis Ababa); Senbu, Sheno, Beke (along the road to Debre Berhan) and the likes claiming that people are coming to the capital Addis for demonstration in support for Eskender’s call for peaceful demonstration.

Here there are at least four serious issues ,

• They obstructed the day to day movement of people and goods.
• Regional security forces cooperated in the closure of the road (at least the forces did not detain the violent Qerros who closed and guarded the roads)
• Many eyewitnesses prove that the people onboard the buses and other vehicles were university students, traders, tourists, and the like.
• There is no legal or moral issue that bans citizens’ rights for peaceful demonstration even if they were to demonstrate.

These and other gross violation of laws and people’s rights are understandable to any healthy mind. It is no less than indication of anarchy, or at least the chain of command in the region is sabotaged. Otherwise, the regional administration is hijacked by the insincere activists.

The regional administration’s, the regional broadcaster OBN and all the public media silence about the issue also leads us to conclude that the incidents are not without the knowledge and involvement of the region’s officials.

Whoever the participants are, the wicked actions go contrary to what Abiy Ahmed has promised. His promise to democracy, free media and end of the politics of intrigue are ruined. The Qerros and their accomplice have become the incarnation of their predecessor TPLF. The Prime Minister has a responsibility to discipline the guys who are of course around him. It is the right time now to take swift measure that brings the country back from the brink of chaos.
Any peace loving and healthy person and group should be watchful of the events in Addis Ababa. The hope and optimism of Ethiopians and their lovers, also the international community has now faced with an imminent danger.


Kibour Sealam, email: kibourselam@gmail.com

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