A Looming Danger in Ethiopia? (By Fikre Mariam Workneh)

A Looming Danger in Ethiopia?


By: Fikre Mariam Workneh



Ethiopia has always been the land of the many have not

But she possesses a rich history that uplifts the human spirit.


Lately I have been thinking a lot, worrying a lot about Ethiopia, my birthland

Like many other people I am concerned about the ethnic conflict looming ahead.


During my recent trip to Ethiopia some whispered in my ear

About the simmering ethnic animosity that could become a civil war.


If not now they say very soon could the conflict be coming to their own neighborhood

As their very survival is at stake, they are concerned and worried.


Because the conflict may be like an out of control wildfire they may not be able to put out

They are praying to the God of their forefathers in order to spare them as in the past.


When I think about Ethiopia and the looming ethno-religious conflict

I can’t, indeed, stop imagining about the very many who might get killed and hurt. 


When people are murdered

Their place of worship is burned  

We must all be alarmed. 


Ethnic animosity could lead toward a grave conflict 

To a massive bloodshed, which will take the lives of the innocent. 


There is an old saying about a teenager who killed his parents for no good reason 

Later he asked the court for forgiveness because he was now becoming an orphan. 


I am also reminded of an Ethiopian saying:

  When she looked up to the ceiling to get something better and tried to grab it

  She lost what she already has under her armpit. 


A civil war will lead to human life and economic destruction

Leaving behind winners and losers with a deep scar of too much pain.


A democratic governance is a core vehicle for the safety of every citizen 

To deal with dividing issues like ethnicity and religion.


But Ethiopia is only beginning the road toward liberty and freedom

Its children are not out of the woods yet from falling victim. 


My beloved Ethiopians! Come together and overcome your ethno-linguistic difference 

Rely on your traditional wisdoms of tolerance and patience

So that your children can actualize their rightful destiny and future! 

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