Arab League and their misfortune !!! (Faiz Mohammed) 

Arab League and their misfortune !!!


Faiz Mohammed
I have never seen any country, state or union which betrays its essence, its existence, its foundation than the so called Arab League. 
Do its members know what the Ethiopians mean for their current position?
Do they know who was the fervent friend of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)? Could they recall Nejashi?
Do they know what was Bilal Ibnu Rabah mean to the Kaaba, to the Qibla, to the prostration, to the subjugation, to the submission  of the Umma?
I am wondering does this league knows who was Ummu Aymen, the black lady, taking care of our beloved Prophet?
Do they really know where by far the magnificent companions (RadiAllahu anuhum ajmein) of  the Prophet (Pbuh) like Jaafar, Uthman, Ruqiya etc stayed and took shelter so long fleeing the ravage of the Qureeysh? Is the Arab league mean  the contemporary anonymous of Qureysh of that time, who included Abujehal,Abulehab etc.
I am still wondering do they know Luqmanul Habesh (Al Hakim) ? Have any one of them read Suretul Luqman, atleast?
Do they know what Suretul Naml discusses about? Do they know Queen of Sheba(Balqis)? The Ethiopian courageous and exemplary lady!
We Ethiopians have one culture, the culture of Prophet Muhammed i.e., not mentioning our deeds, not mentioning our power as  we believe, yes strongly believe that Power is only to Allah. Do you know what “Lahawla Wella Quwete Illa Billahi” mean? This is in every breath of every single Habesha, in every single grandbrother of Bilal, in every single grandchildren of UmmuAymen.
I hope the Egyptians dont have historical amnesia and forget who are the Ethiopians!  They know well about the Ethiopians; how we are recalcitrant regarding our sovereign! How we beat them on two battles while we were weak, while we were unprepared, while we were divided…….?
Do they know about justice? Who was the Just King, the one who psychologically relieved the chronic pain of our beloved Prophet (Fidaka Ummi weabi yaresullulah)
I swear in the name of Allah, they have to know that  u are allying yourself against justice, against the Prophet, against Allah!!
Do you know how many Ethiopians are dying because of drought, because of lack of water? but you are bringing your hodgepodge argument that Egypt has the right to do so!
Do you know what does “Te’awenu alelbirri weteqwa, welate’awenu alel’ithm”
Dont you think about the life situation of 99% of Ethiopians before you think about 20–30% of water lose from the Egyptians
I swear by Allah we all Ethiopians are ready to preserve our water right by any means, including defending ourselves.
I am a final year PhD student but I am ready to suddenly stop my romantic field and fight for my country. This is what my family taught me; this what my history taught me; this what my country taught; above all this is what my religion taught me to fight for justice.
I hope all the Egyptian people are with their brothers!They dont become instrument for the dictators who are very wantons.
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