Covid-19: A Big Challenge for Humanity! (By Fikre Mariam Workneh)

Covid-19: A Big Challenge for Humanity!



By Fikre Mariam Workneh




I sincerely hope that you and yours are safe and sound

From Covid-19 that is going around.


Covid-19 has become a very distractive power 

Invading all societies, the world over

We have become nearly helpless, nowhere to go, no safe harbor. 


Covid-19 is raging the whole earth with unparalleled force

Turning our world upside down, smacking us in the face. 


Our world has turned inside out by the brute force Covid-nineteen    

Counting our sick and dead love ones, friends, and neighbors while some of us are waiting for  

       our very scary turn. 


We must do something today, right now, as this is no some kind of crude game 

Whatever we do, our world as we know it will never be the same.


Do our scientists know that we are scared to our core as never before 

Or are they really as helpless as we are?


Our scientists are in their way to discover the outer-reach of the universe 

Unfortunately, they have yet to understand Covid-19 invading our globe. 


It is easy to blame the scientist for not preventing unnecessary sickness or death

We too are responsible for our environmental-based disaster that is moving with full strength.   


In the matter of our rapidly changing climate, we all ought to be scientists 

By working to decrease the unprecedented wildfire and storms  

By planning to decrease the air and water pollutions

By controlling soil erosions and deforestations 

By asking our governments to do all these, through various means including petitions

That is the only way we may prevent deadly bacteria and viruses.


It is entirely up to us to leave behind a safer environment for the future generation 

A healthier world that is not harmed by disease, despair, poverty, and pain. 


Many wonder if this is a sin, a signal for the final Day to come 

God’s punishment for all the bad things we may have done.


Others ask if God still loves the world or humankind 

Why would He otherwise allow so much suffering without end.


Some others argue that God has given man the freewill to be a good shepherd of his planet 

A responsibility and responsiveness that he seems to forget.  

For now, it is no time to panic or succumb to our fear 

But to show our collective will to defeat Covid-19 and help each other.  

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