My View on the Current Situation of my Country (Dagmawi Gudu Kassa)

My View on the Current Situation of my Country

Dagmawi Gudu Kassa

The following piece of writing was originally meant to be my comment under an Amharic article posted on zehabesha.com after I read it this morning. That nice article by Sertse Desta is available now on some sites including zehabesha.com. I took this comment from the site and sent it to my usual contactees, with very minor modification,  so that it may radiate the glimpse hope it has to my beloved ones. 

Here it goes – – – 

… Oh! Currently, no country in the world is infested by zillions of problems like Ethiopia. She seems to be on the verge of disintegration and total collapse of an historic proportion in a manner the former Yugoslavia (et al) had faced.
But I don’t think Ethiopia’s enemies would succeed to whatever extent they seem to be fruitful (and happy) now. This nation is a nation of God’s promises. You have the right to disbelieve this allegation of millions of people such as me, of course, whether you are atheist or otherwise.

Anyhow, as to me, it is time that Ethiopia needs another Menelik. You can name him Menelik III or Theodore II, or Yohannes V, or Abdisa II, … I care less for the nomenclature neither do I for the ethnic background of the Messiah either.  And believe me that would be realized soon. HE WILL COME! Never be disbeliever of this divine intervention in Ethiopia. It is repeatedly proved in her long history. Do some astral visits to know what happened when in the history of this nation in the past. You may wonder with those facts. A people that had won fighter jets with sticks and avalanches of stones cannot be disdained as a nonentity. No other country in the world is known for resilience or re-incarnation as Ethiopia does. Though most of her citizens lead miserious life, in this or that era, due to a number of reasons, this nation has never been subjected to slavery and subjugation. On the other hand, this reality of being free and independent throughout the ages has resulted in dozens of enemies to the nation. If you possess good things, surely, you have envies that could turn out to be your enemies eventually. Though not advisable, be poor then. But if by chance you become rich, then be powerful to get rid of the enemies your wealth brings about.

You know, if a house does not have an owner, everyone nearby is an owner. If everyone in or around a house claims to be the owner of that house, the house is likely to get burned or dismantled or even sold with or without an auction. That is the fate of something that doesn’t have legitimate owner and instead owned by many antagonistically rival forces whose sole interest is achieving political and economic advantages. In our case, no one cares about the house. Ethiopia is by now ownerless. Or perhaps she is owned by those who care for the milk rather than the cow. What a pity!

By the time Menelik III or any other Messiah comes, all the commotion and the “ፉከራ” (boasting) we observe now here and there will soon wither away dramatically. Little temper clears away the dust. It is common that we see such condition when rules and regulations stop functioning properly. But as soon as they are fairly in place, the abracadabraic dumbfounding chaos such as what we observe in Ethiopia will automatically give way to order and established system.

Seemingly and practically as well, Abiy’s crew is not lucky enough to assume the role of the aforementioned unifier. He is a man to rather exacerbate problems and exasperate sane citizens. “Yes men” can’t fit testing times such as ours. We need strong men full of stamina and unwavering gut to take the necessary actions whenever situations demand.  Ethiopia needs leaders free of any bias and prejudice. Any leadership with double standards is committed to digging its own grave. As a matter of fact, susceptibility of leaderships either to “Hagos” or “Dechassa” or “Sinshaw” is the first sign for the downfall of that leadership. It is ridiculous and highly irritating at the same time to see in Ethiopia now that the incumbent childish government of Abiy is determined to follow the suit of TPLF and give every beneficial opportunity to the Oromos who support this fledgling new apartheid. Of course, Abiy seemed to be standing in favor of all Ethiopians  in the beginning, but time itself proved it that it was a mask to attract the fool like Almariam and me, if at all ‘me’ can be used for comparison with the former one. He wants to be a friend of both the Devil and God, which is practically impossible. You can’t please two opposing sides at a time. You can’t put in jail ‘Amare’ because he opposed ethnic suppression while on the other hand you let extremist Oromos to speak and do whatever they wish to say and do. If people get quiet maybe due to fear, the sky and earth will never forget this discrimination and purposeful racial maneuvers in all over the country. Silence doesn’t necessarily indicate defeat. Sometimes, some silences are barrels used for the fermentation of indignation and grief. When such barrels explode, alas to those Don Quixotic fools who get happiness in bellowing their trumpet with empty bravados. 

 These people of good for nothing such as Dedefo and Jawar and Gerba and Hizkeal or Gemechu … no problem… their graves are ready to voraciously swallow them like their friends in the north who are partly in their graves already. You will see Ethiopia resurrecting soon. Ethiopia has never been won by her external enemies. And that is why she’s fighting a proxy war with her own mutton – headed children especially in the past 45 years. Ethiopia will also win this multilateral war, including the famine ahead.

 But we need to come back to the Almighty! We have to come back to our little god, the conscience. We have to abandon our sins and evil doings. We have to start acting like a human being instead of like an insane animal and Euro-Americans who have gone astray from the path of religious commandments and joined the broad path through which the majority of Luciferians are stumbling towards the darkest end of their eternal residence, the Hell. Much effort is expected of us if we want to get out of the quagmire we are wading currently. We have to clean our churches, our mosques, our synagogues.  Our leaders, both secular and religious ones, are lost. Most of them are literally lost. Leave alone you and me, the poverini, even the RCC, EOTC, GOC, EOC, … all these and others are infiltrated by the disciples of the fallen angel from time immemorial. Leaders of those churches and/or Dioceses and/or Sees or parishes seem to be alive in their clothing, not actually in practical life like what the scriptures say. It seems as if we are living in the final times of Noah and/or Lot. During each of the end times of both ancient godly men, there was a great cleavage between the sky and earth as a result of which the Earth was severely stricken by the wrath of God. The same phenomenon seems to happen now in our age. We can clearly see a huge gap between the Heaven and our Earth. Mischief and treachery, pretense and debauchery, Satanism and being `servant of two masters’, homosexuality and SRA (satanic Ritual Abuse) … have blatantly become the fad of our miserable time. In the name of civilization and in the name of human rights, every moral and religious fabric is broken or considered to be outdated. So, the fight is multidirectional and not easy. Truth be told, we are engaged in an asymmetric warfare the result of which is crucially decisive for the continuation of life on earth as we know it now. Yea, there is no free lunch guys!

God bless Ethiopia!

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