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Changed Status Quo, Unchanged Narratives! (Befquadu Hailu)

Changed Status Quo, Unchanged Narratives!

Befquadu Hailu

It is this power struggle that cost innocent lives. 

The power struggle between Oromo ethnics who have power (Power Holders) and other Oromo ethnics who think they are the ones who deserve the power (Power Seekers).
Hachalu Hundessa was killed by Power Seekers apparently – at least to my belief based on available evidences – because “he sided” with the Power Holders. He received threats and was bullied by the Power Seekers consistently because of his alleged partisanship.
Regardless, the Power Seekers have ignited ruthless violence when Hachalu was assassinated and tried to turn the tragedy to their political advantage. The Power Holders responded fiercely because they know it is targetted at them. The immature supporters of the Power Seekers attacked innocent non-Oromos and even Orthodox Christian Oromos, and their properties.
The reason why the protestors targetted non-Oromos is because of old narratives while the status quo is really changed. The status quo is now that the targetted groups are powerless minority while the protestors belong to a group that is in a hegemonic march to forcefully replace previously hegemonic group. The key positions in the federal gov of #Ethiopia are now dominated by Oromo ethnics.
Tokkumma (unity) is a sacred term in Afaan Oromo when it comes to Oromo nationalism while the power players are internally divided by regionalism and religionism. The double standard about “Ethiopian unity” and “Oromo Tokkumma” is disingenuous. In a denial of the division between Oromo power players, the blame was shifted to the ‘Neftagna’ (Amhara, Gurage, Orthodox, etc.) whose politicial power died in 1974 and burried in 1991. There is no threat coming against Oromo from non-Oromos anymore but from within.
In the past two years, it was Oromo Power Holders against Oromo Power Seekers but the last price had to be paid by “others”. No ideological explanation, no justification would make this right. The lives lost are caused by outsourcing the problem to cover the fake-Tokkumma.
The Internet shutdown by the Power Holders, on the other hand, did no help to protect the most vulnerable – the damage has been done anyway, but reported less. It might have helped them hide disproportionate power used against opponents, and less accountability.
What I wish for now is justice for Hachalu and many more innocent lives lost in the hands of vigilante groups, compensation to rehabilitate the people who are displaced and whose properties are destroyed, speedy and fair trial for the detained, and death to ethno-centric nationalism.
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