Tears in My Eyes! (BY FIKRE M. WORKNEH)

Tears in My Eyes!



In sorrow I mourn for you, Ethiopia, my beloved land

Where my umbilical cord was buried, where my forebearers lived and died

You are now suffering from civil wars, diseases, and hunger, that is what I heard. 


O’ Ethiopia the land of rich history, the cradle of many heritages and customs

The land of many kings and queens with beautiful peoples of many colors and languages  

The land of many majestic mountains, hills, valleys, and rivers

And the land of many villages and churches, many forests, and vast open fields.  


Your fortunes seem to have fallen, you are indeed going through tough times

Your people are under existential threat from civil wars, diseases, hunger, and droughts.


O’ Ethiopia, you are like a ship in stormy water  

Battered and broken, drifting in need of an urgent repair. 


O’ Ethiopia, you are like a bird with broken wings

That is unable to rise and get to its nests.  


My country! my beloved land! I am really worried

As you embark your road ahead, your travel seems for now full of hazard.  


Your belligerent neighbors are waiting for you, to fall or stumble 

To take over your mighty rivers, land, and treasure

They kind of believe you are weak, fragile, and vulnerable.


Your enemies are like vultures of the sky, waiting for your last breath

To quench their thirst by drinking your blood and eating your flesh. 


While I live an ocean away in a distant land

Please be assured, Ethiopia, you are always in my mind. 


My mother home, I know for sure that you are persistently resilient 

You will elect to stand your ground to fight for your right.  


I have high confidence in you, you will rise again 

Like your heroes of the past, you will be rescued by your children. 


Yes indeed, your land will be free of hunger, disease, and social turmoil 

I foresee a proud and a blessed Ethiopia shinning like a star and standing tall!

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