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Grave Concern. (By Yeheyis Ewnetu)

Grave Concern.

By Yeheyis Ewnetu

The following piece is about the “Independent/Neutral” International Investigation Team to be deployed in Tigray Region. 

Following the brief but devastating recent war between the ‘federal’ government of Ethiopia and the terrorist group a.k.a the number one enemy of the Ethiopian people, the TPLF/Woyane, there have been claims beyond allegations of gross human rights violations, displacements, rapes, lootings, and damages concomitant to war by the bandits group TPLF, the Eritrean forces (ELF/SHABYA) which make use of the war and the surprise attack of Ethiopian Northern Command Force by TPLF as an opportunity to settle their long awaited revenge against TPLF and the people of Tigray. 

The war is not yet over, remnants of the terrorist group retreated to their old method of guerilla warfare. This criminal enterprise with some remnants in hiding have been busy since the onset of the war lobbying western powers using the money looted from the destitute Ethiopians; their good-for-nothings “ambassadors” who used Ethiopian diplomatic missions as their personal ‘belongings’ and ‘criminals’ at international organizations and beneficiaries of the criminal enterprise in the Diaspora to distort the reality on the ground. Unfortunately these rogues have supporters at home including the so-called ‘provisional administration of Tigray’ assigned by the regime and not a few among the common people of Tigray. The lack of communication coupled with the deliberate disinformation and misinformation disseminated by the regime controlled Medias, so-called ‘digital Woyanes’ (social Medias sponsored by TPLF) and Woyane loyalists in the Diaspora confused the people of Tigray, the rest of Ethiopians and the ‘international community’.   

As a result concerned Ethiopians at home and abroad have insisted, after the regime declared the ‘completion’ of what it called ‘law enforcement operation’, on sending independent/neutral investigation team in Tigray be it local or international or both. The regime refused, however. In this regard, the regime has uncontested record of promoting the culture of impunity from the Burayu massacre to the current rampant killings of inncocent Amhara people in Metekel and eastern Wollega.  No one is accountable so far for such wholesale atrocities which are not yet abated. 

By the way, I am not against the investigation by independent bodies, both local and international, of the violations of human rights and the human crisis in Tigray, especially of civilians, during and aftermath of the war. The regime led by Abiy had been adamant in its refusal of the investigation by international bodies including the UN but now has succumbed to their pressure it seems, for fear of losing their favor, perhaps aid and loan. To my knowledge so far, local organizations (except the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission) and local Medias are not allowed to investigate and report their findings. 

I have my reservations, though of the international investigating bodies (the UN, AU, USA and European Union) of their neutrality and whether they will keep their task within the bounds of their mission of investigating of what has happened in the ground and to report their findings. 

First, the mention by name of the Amhara special forces is an indication of the potential bias by these ‘investigators’, especially that of the US and European Union. I sense something fishy. TPLF remnants, the so-called provisional administration of Tigray, sympathizers of TPLF and all ethnic ‘parties’ in Tigray (they have no discernible differences with TPLF, in particular in relation to the forcibly annexed lands of Gondar /Wolkayt, Tegede, Telemet, Humera/ and Wello /Raya/ provinces following the brutal ethnic cleansing and displacement of Amharas) are desperately looking for a scapegoat for all the alleged atrocities committed in Tigray in order to expel the people forces of Amhara from these reclaimed territories. Basically and predominantly, the issue related to these lands is one of reclamation of robbed identity. 

Second, the playing of double standard by western powers by feigning ignorance of the atrocities committed on innocent citizens (solely based on their identity and religious background) in other parts of Ethiopia in the last three years.  

Though it has been the continuation of TPLF’s declared policy of labeling the Amhara people and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church and its followers as its arch enemy, the last three years witnessed genocide, crimes against humanity and displacements against the Amhara people and Orthodox Tewahido Christians by the regime backed illegal forces (OLF, special forces of the so-called ‘Oromia’ region, the special forces of Beninshangul-Gumuz region and crime by omission of the OPDO-led government) on a regular basis. Now such atrocities have become daily events. In particular, in Metekel of former Gojam region; Wollega in the West; Konso & Gurage in the South and the region named ‘Oromia’ by TPLF. The western powers gave blind eye and deaf ear to these human rights violations committed, on a regular basis, on the scale of genocide and crimes against humanity. How do these ‘champions of democracy’ explain the feigning of ignorance of such heinous crimes in broad day light? Do they have a hidden agenda?

If Abiy is in this devilish scheme of blaming the people force of Amhara, without whose heroic defense Woyane would not be defeated, as a political game to make lasting animosity between the people of Tigray and Amhara (whose strong bond dates back for millennia) in order to consolidate his power which is likely, the people of Ethiopia will never forgive him. I can tell with certainty that it will signal the demise of his ‘reign’.

Third, the appalling silence by the western powers of the invasion, aggression and occupation of the sovereign territory of Ethiopia by neighboring Sudan is another indicator of the double standard played by them. I know well that every state, be it democratic or dictatorship, designs its foreign policy on the basis of its national interests. Be that as it may, norms of international law, diplomacy decorum and maintenance of international peace and security at the national, regional and global level require actions on the part of those powers who claim to have deep values for human rights and democracy. Surprisingly, the UN and AU too kept silent about the Sudanese invasion. Are they waiting for a go-ahead from the western powers?

This piece is not intended to address why the western powers (USA & European Union) stands against the territorial integrity, sovereignty and national interests of Ethiopia.

Here is my clear and unequivocal message to the western powers which are going to investigate human rights violations in fact or allegedly committed in Tigray region:

  • Their investigation has nothing to do with the reclaimed lands of Gonder (Wolkayt, Tegede, Telemet, Humera ) and Wello (Raya) provinces. 
  • The settlement of any differences on these lands between disputing parties is purely an internal affair of Ethiopia. Any claim or order or suggestion or recommendation or references pertaining to these lands and the particular mention of the people force of Amhara and any decision regarding these forces is a clear interference in the domestic affairs of an independent sovereign country, Ethiopia, and thereby a violation of international law.  
  • The investigators should not, under the guise and pretext of investigation, interfere in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. This does not be construed to mean that neither any individual nor any group would escape prosecution for crimes he/it is suspected of committing.

Truth shall prevail!!! Ethiopia shall be redeemed with its past truths and history!!!

May the High God bless Ethiopia and its people!!!

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