Using one’s problem(s) for profit is the gravest sin - Ambachew Dejene (Ethiopia)

Using one’s problem(s) for profit is the gravest sin

Ambachew Dejene (Ethiopia)

There are six things the LORD hates— no, seven things he detests: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that kill the innocent, a heart that plots evil, feet that race to do wrong, a false witness who pours out lies, a person who sows discord in a family.      Proverbs 6:16-19 

The Amhara tribe or nationality is one of the most decent people Ethiopia has. Along with some others, the Amharas are considered to be the major pillars for the unity and continuation as a nation of Ethiopia. They don’t have any inclination to become ethnocentric. They have only one thing to be proud of; that thing is ETHIOPIANISM. This creed-like stand of these people has been forcing them to pay high price especially in the past three or four decades. Their Ethiocentric firm stand is not liked by the western bloc, as it is thought to be used as yeast for the strengthening of Pan-Africanism which is believed to be a threat for their access to African raw material including cheap labor. Because of this and other related reasons, these people have been a target of an incessant genocide and ethnic cleansing for the past 30 years especially since the coming into power of TPLF assisted by the so called international community whose leadership falls mainly on the US and its allies. By extension, then, the genocide imposed on the Amhara seems to be endorsed by this international force led by the CIA and its global colleagues such as MI5/6 and Mossad; it is just a public secret.  These naughty children of our planet, i.e, the CIA and its accomplices, are known by many of us to be the headaches of life on Earth. They know this fact as we all know it, too. Without them, this planet would have been beautiful. Wherever there is a problem in any country, they are there either as originators or aggravators of the problem. They always try to profit from problems or misfortunes; they always derive advantages from the suffering of others. The fathers of all wars, the architects of all destructions and secessions in this bloody world are these institutions. Ask Syria, ask Somalia, visit the Middle East, go back to the dismantlement of the former USSR, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, go to Yemen, observe the consequences of all so called proxy wars, … the causes of almost all battles and destructions  are these cursed institutions. I believe they are either irreligious or if at all they have one, the motto of that religion is rejoicing upon the misery of others. Perhaps, they are devilish; perhaps, they are accomplishing the mission of their under-worldly father, Mr. Lucifer, as we learn it from the nature of some of their activities and satanic symbols they use to express most of their actions. As we can understand from their recent activities which focus on depopulating this planet and eradicating Abrahamic religions especially Christianity, they are running faster to establish the long-awaited New World Order which was designed centuries back by their ancestors who believed the fallen angel as their master (cf. NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM). Their time seems approaching, anyhow. And I know that such explanations (of mine) seem to be the results of madness or psychotic people but they are real! It is not a conspiracy theory or something else. All what we are facing is the result of these clandestine intelligence organizations led by the hidden governments behind the screen. 

I mentioned the Amhara in the paragraph above. You know, suppose an Amhara has an enemy, just an individual, and suppose this Amhara watches his enemy nearside a rural road defecating hiding himself under bushes or trees, as this is the way we ‘enjoy’ open ‘toilets’ in rural areas. Can you guess what this Amhara is going to do? First, he makes his presence known by his enemy who is cleansing his bowels. He does this  through words or other signs such as clearing his throat. Second, he waits for the finishing of that individual’s defecation and clothing up his bottom vests. The Amhara who got his enemy in an awkward condition would have used the opportunity to attack them while that person was sitting there defecating. But it is not traditionally acceptable to take advantage of your enemy’s problem or in this specific case unpreparedness. It is taboo to attack your enemy while they are sick or doing something private. You have to wait until your enemy is in conducive condition like you to challenge their opponents; otherwise, it is cowardice to combat an unprepared enemy. It is then after that you fight with whatever armament you have or come to terms of agreement via discussion. To your surprise, I don’t know now, in the good old days, an Amhara with a rifle used to run away chased by his enemy with a stick, with full understanding of the fact that the one with the stick is an easy victim of a single bullet. The Amharas are humane to such an extent, dear guys, leave alone to kill kids and women like what the OPDO-Shones are doing now in Wollega, Benshangul, Northern Shewa and elsewhere in the country. The Amharas, most of them, if not all, are highly considerate people who abide by the rules of God and their enlightened conscience. Most of them dislike profiting from one’s problem or misery; it is considered to be culturally taboo and religiously an abomination to the Lord. They remember God’s words and give priority to His instructions one of which is “love your enemy.”  This “love your enemy” order from Jesus has been the major enemy of the Amharas, too. And this religious notion of the Amharas has been misunderstood and over-exploited by the Amhara’s enemies. Things may not go like this, and I hope the future will tell us the real essence of what “enough is enough’’ is meant. The Amharas  have been so mistreated so far including by their own so called ADP.

Why did I mention this story?

One may not be beneficiary of their own benignity. In the current grotesque nature of our planet, cruel and malicious people are outshining everywhere. On the contrary, good people, the Samaritans, are becoming victims of those mindless people. Every evil nowadays seems to be voraciously controlling the power and the money this planet can possibly offer. The good people are overwhelmingly defeated by the bad ones. In this painful scenario, billions are becoming victims of injustice and corruption. The problems of billions of people in this world are turning out to be golden opportunities for millions of others. People are not ashamed of selling your problem for the best of their profit which is the gravest sin, if one has a religion. You should help your friend if you think they are in problem, instead of taking an advantage of it. And if you are sane, you have to understand that you will reap later what you sow now. Even a kid knows this!

It is quite clear that Ethiopia is in problem now. The Amharas are in problem too. And there are parties which are both originators and beneficiaries of the problems. Both of them seem to be very much happy now thinking they will remain victorious forever, which is foolishness, again.  Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, remnants of TPLF, OPDO, OLF, Arab countries, Ethnic Politics, Poverty, Ignorance, Maladministration, etc. are some of the major problems Ethiopia and the Amhara people are currently facing in common. All these enemies of Ethiopia, be it animate or inanimate, are coordinating their resources and capabilities to dismantle the nation. Ethiopia’s enemies seem to be happiest now. They believe that they have got golden opportunity to go with their whims. 

But, truth wins at the end. It is a matter of time. Ethiopia will come out triumphant eventually. This is inevitable. The how and the when questions are to be left to Him. History reminds us of Ethiopia’s resurrections in the past. Evil never wins a battle unless for a while.

My piece of advice: anyone should take care of selling problems for profit, lest they will repay it in abundance. No one is immune from the wrath of Justice; from the revenge God takes any time, sooner or later. If you are the cause of suffering today, believe it or not, someone will cause you to suffer anytime soon in the future. Be not happy by the suffering of others; and be not the cause of pain either. You may think you are on the throne today; think of yourself on the ash tomorrow. Time judges. God judges. Illnesses and old ages judge. Your evil actions, your exploitation of other people’s misfortunes, your nonchalance about the miseries of your likes, your planet-mates, your human race,  …. will definitely judge upon your book of life known as ‘karma.’ Hence, why don’t you think of your shortest moment on earth which is not longer than the moment a shooting star exhibits itself in the skies of this universe?  Why do we become less intelligent than a louse? Do lice fight each other for the simple reason that they are hungry? Do animals kill each other unreasonably in a degree we Ethiopians or other earthlings do? My goodness! What a stupid state of being we are in? 

God bless Ethiopia!

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