Ignorance, and animosity towards Amharas of Ethiopia. (Achamyelh Tameru)

Ignorance, and animosity towards Amharas of Ethiopia.

Achamyelh Tameru

The below statement of  Antony Blinken, especially his urge to withdraw Amhara regional forces from Amharas provinces of Wolkait, Tegede, Telemt, and Humera, and cede them to Tigray, only shows his negligence, ignorance, and animosity towards Amharas of Ethiopia. How is allocating provinces in whichever direction in a sovereign country ever became the right of the United States Secretary of State? Where does the US find such privilege in meddling in the internal affairs of a country of thousands of years? Has the United States bounds in how far it is pushing the proud people of Ethiopia in its unbridled and uninvited intervention?
As a person who studied and published a well-documented book that provides plenty of documented evidence about the two-millennium administrative boundary, historical geography, social & population history of Wolkait, Tegede, Telemt andHumera provinces of Ethiopia from ancient times to the dawn of the 20th century, that is before the forceful annexation of these Amhara provinces into the historical Tigray region in 1991 by TPLF, falsified all claims of TPLF and its handlers and surrogates beyond the Tigre-Amharas natural boundary of the Tekeze river with meticulous detail, the Secretary’s statement has nothing to do with truth and is only based upon unreviewed misinformation and disinformation of administration officials with known ties to TPLF who have been there since the Clinton era influencing US policies towards Ethiopia that are contrary to the US interest and regional stability.
  How long is the Secretary going to repeat TPLF disinformation and miscarriage of truth over and over? When is secretary Blinken going to review all information presented to him by the administration officials with known ties to TPLF?
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