Inserting foreign objects into women’s uterus was heinous sexual violence perpetrated in Tigray while TPLF was in power! 

Inserting foreign objects into women’s uterus was heinous sexual violence perpetrated in Tigray while TPLF was in power! 
Achamyeleh Tamiru

The level of sexual violence on women of Tigray under TPLF’s rule was shocking and horrifying. Below is a Dimtsi Weyane report of this unspeakable violence against women. Dimtsi Weyane, a TPLF mouthpiece, broadcasted this shocking story of rape and sexual violence on women of Tigray on Dec 22, 2019, i.e., while TPLF was in power.
Mrs. Selamawit Kitaw, the director of EFOYTA Rape Crisis Center of Tigray, an organization that was established in 2011 to help victims of rape and sexual violence in Tigray, talks of the sexual violence cases they treated at their rape-crisis center (in 2019) that are so gross and are impossible to believe a human being can commit such kinds of violence against women.
Of these heinous sexual crimes Tigrian women had to experience under TPLF’s rule, Mrs. Selamawit mentioned the case of inserting foreign objects into women’s uterus. What is shocking is what Mrs. Selamawit told us about the perpetrators of this kind of sexual violence in Tigray.
According to Mrs. Selamawit, only a few cases of sexual violence are perpetrated by complete strangers. She said the majority of their patients are victims of rape perpetrated by their own family members, neighbors, teachers, stepfathers, own fathers, and own brothers; that means, the sexual predators in Tigray are not strangers to their victims and it is almost impossible for the victims to escape the sexual assaults.
Not only this, according to Mrs. Letay Tesfaye, in 2019, over 560 female victims of rape sought treatment at a local Hospital in Tigray, and the age of the victims varies from an 8-month-old baby to a 90-year-old grandmother. Moreover, Mrs. Letay also told us that from January 2020 to April of 2020, in three months period, at least 133 girls and 2 young boys were victims of rape and sexual violence in the Tigray region. Imagine! At least 133 girls and 3 young boys in Tigray fell victims to rape and sexual violence over in only 3 Months’ Period!
Note to Readers: this is a report of TPLF while it was in power. FYI: Mrs. Letay Tesfaye is a Communications and Outreach Coordinator for Tigray Women’s Association (during TPLF’s time). She reported all these cases of sexual violence in Tigray in an interview she gave to BBC News Tigrinya that was published in Tigrigna on June 4, 2020 (can be accessed here: https://www.bbc.com/tigrinya/news-52916757), exactly six months before the TPLF attacked the Ethiopian Northern Command Forces on November 4, 2020, or the MaiKadra massacre that took place from November 9-10, 2020.
Remember! ALL these cases of sexual violence against Tigrian women, including the cases of inserting foreign objects into women’s uterus, and that of rape cases of least 133 women in Tigray who fell victims to rape and sexual violence over a three-month period, have been reported while TPLF was in power. What has TPLF done about it?
But if inserting foreign objects into women’s uterus was heinous sexual violence against women, and girls while TPLF was in power, why are TPLF and its cronies use their own crimes as a weapon of propaganda, and blame Amharas and others for crimes and alien culture that TPLF has introduced to Tigray and tolerated by freeing the rapists while it was in power?
Why are Western Media outlets and irresponsible governmental agencies who are absconding their responsibility of getting the right facts to repeat TPLF’s propaganda, blame other Ethiopians for TPLF crimes, and align themselves with the culprit TPLF that institutionalized sexual violence in Tigray? Why are Western media hiding their own reports (i.e., the BBC News) that the practice of rape and unspeakable sexual violence is in fact the realm of TPLF Tigray and after a humiliating defeat they are using their own hideous practice to project on Ethiopians whose sole objective was to protect their nation?
In the report, it is apparent that TPLF’s slap in the hand’s judicial measures against perpetrators of sexual violence had inadvertently or otherwise had encouraged the continuation of the practice. A reminder is necessary to readers that 11,000 rapists, hardened criminals, and human traffickers were released into the public from jail in Mekelle city alone when TPLF was forced to flee from Mekelle. Why the world is silent about terrorist TPLF’s act of opening gates of the prison and unleashed rape, property looting in Mekelle & other towns of Tigray as it made a run? And why the world is giving a deaf ear and a blind eye for TPLF to use its own brutality as others?
Therefore, TPLF and its criminal state apparatus were aware of how and what type of reaction it would garner once it accuses Amhara and others of rape and other sexual violence. However, the truth remains, it is TPLF that tolerated and even encouraged the subjugation of Tigrean people into the practice of it while in power.
As always, my position is clear… an independent inquiry commission should be formed to look into all the crimes of TPLF, including the genocide it has been committing against Amharas and others and the sexual violence on Tigray women (to settle the dust if there are other perpetrators involved other than the well known and well-documented practice of TPLF), and bring all the culprits and rapists to justice.
The below links are other reports of shocking and horrifying sexual violence on women of Tigray widespread under TPLF’s Tigray that neither global media like CNN nor TPLF cronies who are crying crocodile tears don’t have the courage and audacity to speak;
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