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TPLF and its hidden international crimes that the world is happy to ignore!  (Achamyelh Tameru)

TPLF and its hidden international crimes that the world is happy to ignore! 

Achamyelh Tameru

The TPLF loyal servant Martin Plaut has reported earlier last week on Twitter that the Ethiopian government has transported 42 tons of chemical weapons to Mekelle through Djibouti to use against Tigray. In his today’s propagation, by totally abandoning his “analyst/journalist” disguise, Martin Plaut also circulated, including on Al Jazeera English, another TPLF propaganda about the repeat of a Hawzen type of massacre committed against the Tigrayan civilian population by ENDF.
For those of us who studied TPLF very well, we know that TPLF had had enough life and experience of circulating these kinds of charges against others when it is preparing to commit international crimes against the people of Tigray and generate propaganda and spread misinformation for its own political gains and support for its war effort.
TPLF will not hesitate to commit all kinds of heinous crimes on earth, including the use of chemical weapons, against its own people, the people of Tigray, to win the Security Council’s endorsement for a military campaign in Tigray as it eyes the manufacturing of this kind of environment the only option it has at its disposal to save itself from demise and ensuring a steady supply of weapons and cash.
TPLF is a criminal enterprise that has 47 years of treason and lies to cheat the world falsely. The death toll of the 1985 famine in Northern Ethiopia could have been substantially reduced had TPLF not sold the food aid intended for victims in order to buy weapons and supplies for its civil war efforts. This was exposed by TPLF founders such Aregawi Berhe and Seeye Abraha and the now TPLF operative, Martin Plaut. himself.
TPLF leaders are masters in planning and executing hard to believe crimes. TPLF’s astounding crimes are well known and documented by its ex-members and whoever has keenly followed the criminal enterprise. TPLF has always had operatives who are masters in confounding—especially, the Western world. Their crimes are unbelievable and contrary to the images carried around in the world by the smooth talking and polite looking two heads—Meles Zenawi and Seyoum Mesfin. TPLF had a system of inoculation; incarcerated dissidents with wild animals; buried opponents alive; inserted objects into women uterus and raped men; its torcher agents urinated and defecated on suspects. It detonated bombs in restaurants and taxis; it had a cohort of cadres whose job was to train false witnesses making a mockery of the justice system. In the November 2020 futile attempt to recapture the Ethiopian leadership, they shot, strangled, poisoned, ran over on the very military members assigned to protect Tigray’s frontiers.
One of the biggest of TPLF’s criminal act was the Hawzen air bombardment on June 22 of 1988. Although the actual air bombardment was executed by the Ethiopian Air Force in the struggle against TPLF’s insurgency, the market and the location of the bombardment was chosen and orchestrated by TPLF itself according to the testimony of its own ex-fighter and high official Gebremedhen Araya.
Another equally dramatic emerging story of TPLF’s criminality is the 1998 Ayder Air attack on the children of Tigray at the outset of the Ethio-Eritrean senseless war. Most people believe that the Ayder Air attack was carried out by Asmara. In fact, this Air attack was carried out by TPLF itself. TPLF has bombarded the school to incriminate EPLF as a heathen. Eritrea was labeled as murderer of innocent children. The story of TPLF’s bombarding of Ayder school in Mekelle has long been confirmed within the Ethiopian Air Force Pilots who were stationed at Mekelle, Tigray when the school was bombed. Several children were killed and injured. This STUNNING REVELATION OF TPLF’S CRIME HAS NEVER BEEN TOLD. Anyone interested can verify the story from Ethio-Eritrea wartime Ethiopian Airforce pilots such as Colonel Fanta Olana, General Al Adin Muhammed, and their staff member Capitan Teshome Tenkolu who are first-hand or eyewitness accounts of the event. When TPLF does crimes it makes it almost unbelievable—especially, to the civil sensibilities of the Western World. Ethiopians have been screaming for attention for almost five decades to no avail.
Therefore, I cannot rule out that the perpetrator of the kind of alleged atrocities and crimes committed since November 2020 in Tigray is TPLF itself. TPLF has a history of wearing any military uniform and speaking either Amharic or Tigrinya when committing all those crimes against its own people. It has been doing all these in the past 47 years to deceive the world by leading the world to believe that the was committed by others.
To return to power TPLF can do any crimes in Tigray (on its own people) to win the hearts and minds of the world. The western media that is reporting the alleged crimes in Tigray have not yet verified who really CARRIED OUT the reported atrocities in Tigray but reproducing TPLF’s own lies.
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