For those who are trying to make it simple. (Journalsit Meaza Mohamed)

For those who are trying to make it simple.

Journalsit Meaza Mohamed

Some notes about the silent Genocide in Wolkait-Tegede.
The genocide perpetrated against the people of Wolkait-Tegede Amhara has been denied of world attention for the past thirty years. Perhaps, the only thing that is felt by the majority of Ethiopians and some members of the international community is the genocide that took place in Maikadra on November 10, 2020, after the start of law enforcement crackdown. But, over the past 30 years, we have seen a lot of atrocities like Maikadra.
The Maikadra Genocide is the worst inhuman atrocities committed so far since the start of Law enforcement operation in Northern Ethiopia.  More than 1,500 innocent people of Amhara were slaughtered by TPLF militia in Maikadra. 
Genocide, in any part of the world, begins at one time and lasts for relatively shorter time, but what happened in Wolkait-Tegede is different in its type and execution. For over thirty years, we have been systematically prosecuted everyday with support of governmental structure uninterruptedly. As a result, tens of thousands of Amharas have been killed because of their identity.
An unknown number of our people have been kidnapped and tortured in Mekelle and other unknown places. Many have passed away in those prisons. During the 30-year TPLF apartheid era, some 500,000 Wolkait-Tegede Amharas were displaced from the lowlands and highlands to the neighboring countries, to Gondar, and even to Addis Ababa.
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