Holodomor!  Stalin's fruit! (Daniel Gezahegn)

Holodomor!  Stalin’s fruit!

Daniel Gezahegn

 The word holodomor is Ukrainian.  Between 1932 and 1933, millions of people died of starvation in Ukraine.  It is one of the worst famines in the world.  Holodomor means deliberate starvation in Ukrainian language.  This scar on Ukrainian history was caused by the cruelty of the leaders of the day.  By hiding the famine, the starving man could not move from one province to another, and by blocking access to international aid, millions of people were starving.  In Ukraine, children are wailing, elders are moaning, and they are leaving this world in a state of artificial hunger.  Today, the people of Ukraine regret that they erected a monument to that story.
 One day I was having dinner with my friends at the home of a Ukrainian woman in Boston.  There were also this man’s family.  So when we finished eating the Ukrainian dinner, we were busy collecting leftovers.  “In our culture, leftover food is not thrown away. Food is very precious,” she told me.  “Everyone in Ukraine starved to death by the Stalinist regime. At that time, Ukraine was in a state of shock. The people were shocked. So we still have great respect for food. We don’t throw away leftovers.  “I learned the story beforehand, but I was moved when the narrator told it.  It was not beyond the reach of international aid agencies.
 All the famines in our country, Ethiopia, are man-made.  They are not a natural disaster.  We may not be hungry, but we have a lot of groundwater and a lot of streams.  We may be starving, but we are not cultivating half the land that should be cultivated.  We may be starving because we are in a war, but we are starving by buying a launcher for thousands of dollars, buying tanks and dishes for millions of dollars, and spending millions of dollars every day on bullets.  So there is no natural famine in our country.  There is artificial hunger.  The people are suffering.
 Currently, our Wollo people and our Tigrayans are starving.  The Wollo famine is still hidden and the news is not heard.  We are leaving another scar on our history.  There is no forgiveness from the Creator.  Holocaust is an unforgivable sin.
 Now we Ethiopians must stand together.  We need to help famine-stricken areas.  You need to be more alert than ever.  Our country should no longer be witnessing this horrible thing.  Let’s solve our political problems quickly through negotiation and reconciliation, let’s solve the farmer’s problem.  We must at least use our natural resources to end hunger.  Don’t we?
 The average farmer lives on an average of six families, depending on less than one hectare of land.  The land is not marketed, so he lives on the land of the oxen.  If he gets up every year, the harvest will get him nowhere.  Therefore, the farmer knows that his harvest will not last a year.
 August downhill
 October horizontally
 November Gederdare
 December, Jabrare: How dare you take the bread!
 Says the farmer.  These are the times when there is a severe shortage of food.  The Ethiopian farmer is suffering because of a policy problem.
 Unfortunately, it is not only the farmers who are starving, but also the people in our capital.  Currently, more than 100,000 people in Addis Ababa are suffering from hunger.  Our people are hungry.  These people could not get their daily bread.  This is unheard of in our history.
 That’s it!  That’s enough.  Now the famine must end.  This requires a transitional period of national consensus.  The Wollo and Tigray Addis Ababa famines need to be addressed.  If the government does not see this famine, it will be punished by both man and God.
 It is estimated that Stalin, who claims to have been educated in ethno-national rights, has starved more than three million people in Ukraine.  He has restricted the movement of citizens while teaching that the nation has its own land.  Today, Ukraine does not follow that teaching.  You see Stalin’s teaching as a beast.  The statue of Stalin in Ukraine is a cruel leader who deliberately starved to death.  Only our country, Ethiopia, is still hungry for this man’s education.  Land policy is a lesson for this killer.  The national anthem is the idea of ​​this killer.  Why is our country Ethiopia hungry for this man’s education?  Why are we distracted by this person’s education?  Why do we fight for my … mine … mine?  Change is needed.
 Ethiopians, let’s stand together.  Humans should not starve to death in the 21st century.  Gone are the days of science and technology and starvation.
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 God help us
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