The Biden Obama And Ethiopia. (Adane Atanew)

The Biden Obama And Ethiopia .

Adane Atanew
The Barack Biden Administration Back the Tplf in it’s Conflict with the Ethiopian people : Internationalizing Minor Ethiopian Internal Conflict is not the Solution , Instead ostracizing the Tplf is a lasting solution to the conflict.
Many American agreed that the Biden administration is simply the 3rd term of the Obama admin as the entire Biden policy makers are a former Obama officials. Those officials and Obama himself are known for their personal relationship with  the Tplf 30 years tribal juntas that ravaged the Ethiopian state and the current instigator of the conflict in the country.
The democrat in the White House should abandon in its entirety the Tplf criminal tribal gangs who are much hated by the Ethiopian people in every corner of the country. Furthermore, the Tplf institutionalized “Ethnic Politics” in the entire region of east Africa and becomes the source of conflict to the region.
The US undue pressure on the Ethiopian government to save the criminal Tplf gangs are not a sound policy for the US to undertake. So far over $700 million, US tax payer money spent to mitigate  the Tplf made conflict and continuing . That has to stop !!
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