5:13 pm - Tuesday April 18, 5076

My Last Message for Aghegnehu Teshager -  Mr. Merhatsidk Mekonnen

My Last Message for Aghegnehu Teshager
 Mr. Merhatsidk Mekonnen

Goodbye My outgoing boss and wish you all the best in your future assignments with some behavioral improvement, I hope, you should make, in due course.
Nominally, you have been my 7th boss for quite a while.
Unfortunately, I cannot miss you any longer like AtoAddisuLeghese, Ato Yousef Retta, AtoAyalewGobezie, AtoGheduAndargachew, the Laid Dr. AmbachewMekonnenand AtoTemesghenTiruneh, (my previous bosses), of course, with their respective strengths and weaknesses.
Admittedly, political Leaders come and go with their own distinctive perspectives and styles of governance. If you allow me to compare you with your six predecessors, however, you have none. Nor do you resemble anyone of them at all.
Dear Ato Aghegnehu
My crude judgment is simply that you don’t deserve this highest executive and administrative regional government office, in the first place. As far as you are concerned, therefore, Prosperity Party (PP for short), did what it had to do, in my view.
In your brief stay in power, I have always approached to professionally advise and humbly guide you in an unprecedented effort to ease and facilitate the conduct of your public functions, but to no avail due to your poor interest to be consulted and assisted by experts.
In fact, your deliberate detachment from your close and experienced advisors including myself, (your chief legal advisor), astonishes me the most.
How can a sitting Regional President in your position operate and successfully run a functioning government by distancing himself from and paying little or no attention to the suggestions and recommendations of his expert advisors?
Dear my x-boss
Now that things have passed to our shared disadvantage, you and I must recall that you had never even received my telephone calls nor did you respond to my several e-mail communications during your presidential stay.
Regardless of my countless attempts to personally contact you as my immediate boss through your secretariat for not any agenda other than consultative meetings on crucial concern to the region, there has never been any single day on which you were ever willing and ready to host me in your office far from the workplace where I and the rest of your honorable expert advisors render our public service with unparalleled honesty and integrity.
In any case, your early departure is, by far, in the best interest of the Amhara region, if not for you in person, too, at this critical moment.
Once again, goodbye, and God bless you.
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