The book entitled ”The Uniting identity as citizens of one country: The fate of Ethiopia`’ was launched and signed in a colorful event held in Oslo on the 22nd of November, 2014.
Yussuf Yassin book singing in Oslo 7The author of the book is ato Yussuf Yassin, the former columnist of the magazine ”Tobia” and who used the alias Hassen Omer Abdella.The event was attended by Ethiopians living in Oslo and the other European countries. It started at 16:00 by holding a minute of silence in memory of the late Ethiopian writer and poet, Hailu Gebre Yohannes (aka Gemoraw), who passed away recently after a life of 40 years in exile. 
Ato Dawit Mekonen, the chairman of the organizing committee introduced the day`s programs, made remarks on the event and invited the persons chosen and assigned to review the book to present their reviews and comments. The reviewers were: ato Engida Tadesse, Dr. Teklu Abate and pastor Yohannes Tefera. They presented in details their reviews, views and comments on the book.They reviewed the book from every angle and concluded that the book contains and deals with issues that serve as bases for more/further discussions, debates and reflections. It based its approach/discussions on areas such as sociology, history and politics. They emphasized that the book has succeeded in conveying its main message (theme) and goal, i.e. the uniting identity as Ethiopiawinet (citizens of Ethiopia) and how to build it on a strong foundation. The review presentation was followed by a comment and query session by the other two assigned individuals.
Ato Yussuf Yassin book signings 1The author ato Yussuf yassin on his part welcomed the reviews, comments and questions and made clarifications and explanations on issues that needed them. He said initiating discussions,debates and exchanges of views and opinions is one of the aims of the book and he welcomes and encourages them. He said he wrote not only to speak his mind as one of his close friends said, but mainly to address the critical issues and challenges facing as Ethiopians and seek formula that will bring us together (the future). Ato Dawit Mekonen presented the biography of the author that included the latter`s educational background, careers and long services to our country, Ethiopia. In the end the participants (public) were also given the opportunity to make comments and pose questions.
The programs of the event were carried out as planned and it was a success.
The Organizers.
 Oslo, Norway
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