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Open Letter to Honorable Ambassadors and Representatives - Balderas for True Democracy

Open Letter to Honorable Ambassadors and Representatives
Balderas for True Democracy
To:-  The Embassy of ፦
~ Norway
~ Grat Brtain
~ EU
~ France
~ Israel
~ Netherlands
~ China
~ Sweden
~ Denmark
~ Canada
~ Russia
~ Ireland
~ Italy
Addis Ababa
Subject:  Appeal for participation in a commendable Cause to “Free Eskinder Nega and his imprisoned colleagues”
Exellecies, esteemed Diplomats,
Our party Balderas for True Democracy (BfTD) would like to bring to your attention the case of its imprisoned leaders. It is our Party’s firm belief that our party’s leaders who are languishing in jail are  prisoners of conscience. As it is well known Eskinder Nega and his imprisoned colleagues have been in jail for more than a year without due process of law. PM Abiy’s administration has failed to improve the County’s justice system. When most Ethiopians are expecting the rule of law to prevail, another wave of illegality is now being implemented by the Abiy administration. Among the many prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia, the case of  Eskinder Nega, Sintayehu Chekol, Aster Siyoum  and Askale Demile have been behind bars, charged with criminal offences of inciting violence,  following Hachalu  Hundessa’s  killing on June 29/2020 .
Eskinder Nega who is an Ethiopian journalist, blogger and politician has been jailed during the previous TPLF administration ten times on false accusation of inciting violence and chaos. Despite the Government’s baseless allegation, the fact of the matter is that Eskinder Nega does not condone violence and is a strong advocate of the peaceful struggle for democracy. He does not tolerate inequality and rampant corruption and he continues to speak out and write  against injustice.
Eskinder’s contribution to democratize Ethiopia is well known among many sectors of the Ethiopian society.  He has put his mark in the democratization process of our country. Although leaders at the helm of the  Ethiopian state have never honored political and civil activists like Eskinder Nega,  Eskinder  was honored with more than four international awards.
We Ethiopians are grateful to Eskinder Nega and his colleagues whom we believe are prisoners of consciousness. They have dedicated their lives to become  the voice of the voiceless. It is to be remembered that Prime Minster  Abey Ahmed , on the occasion of his assumption of power some three and half years ago had promised the Ethiopian people that the government would not imprison people without due process and without first gathering the necessary evidence that proves guilt.  Since their imprisonment on June 29/2020, Eskinder and his colleagues have appeared in court for countless times.
The prosecutors’ office has however, failed to present witness or any credible  testimony that could substantiate its charges.
It is  the  firm belief of the Executive Committee of Balderas Party that the imprisonment of Eskender Nega and his colleagues was related  with the desire on the part of Prime Minster Abey Ahmed  to prevent him from participating in the election. Now that the election is over, there is no need for his continued imprisonment. As the famous English saying goes, “Justice delayed, is justice denied”. The International Community as well as Ethiopians who believe that justice should be upheld, ought to support their cause and exert the maximum pressure possible to free Eskinder and his imprisoned colleagues.
We kindly appeal to esteemed diplomats residing in Addis Abeba, human rights advocates, human rights defenders and international organizations to commit themselves to put pressure on the government to release these prisoners of conscience; Eskinder Nega and his imprisoned colleagues. Please join us in our party’s campaign for the release of Eskendir  Nega and his colleagues.
 Executive Committee
 Balderas for True Democracy
Amha Dagnew
        (Vice President)
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