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Eyasped Tesfaye and his Stockholm Syndrome. (Achamyeleh Tameru)

Eyasped Tesfaye and his Stockholm Syndrome.
Achamyeleh Tameru

Eyasped Tesfaye is the son of an Amhara father, from Wollo, and a Gurage mother. His father, Tesfaye Tadesse was the owner and editor of the magazine “Mestawet” and the newspaper “Lubar”.
Tesfaye Tadesse, Eyasped’s father, was murdered in front of his residence by two OLF mobsters on 7 June 1998, at approximately 8.30 pm

https://ifex.org/journalist-tesfaye-tadesse-murdered/ He was slaughtered by OLF because he used to write articles critical of OLF’s characterization of Menelik as Africa’s Hilter. The OLF monsters stabbed and hacked him to death using a knife and a machete. When Tesfaye Taddese was slaughtered by OLF, his son Eyasped was in his father’s arms.
However, his son, Eyasped Tesfaye, who is now infatuated with OLF and its ideology more than its founders, is associating himself with OLF, a criminal organization that murdered his father in front of him and has become its activist wing characterizing Menelik as Africa’s Hilter.
In other words, Eyasped is supporting his father’s slaughtering by OLF monsters.  A son falling in love with the murderers of his father and supporting his father’s killing is a horrendous crime.
Eyasped’s problem can only be diagnosed as purely psychological related to Stockholm syndrome, a condition in which the victim develops a psychological bond with the felon and identifies himself with the felon’s ideas. No other explanation than the case of Stockholm syndrome seemed possible to explain Eyasped’s support of his father’s killing and his alignment to a party and an ideology that brutally took the life of his father.
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