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Africa should fight in Ukraine alongside Russia


In the 1960s, Russia fought colonialists of the west alongside Africa all over Africa.  Now, it is Africa’s turn to fight neocolonialists of the west alongside Russia all over Ukraine.  

Mesfin Arega

The recent ganging up of the west against Russia is unprecedented and is no way for the sake of Ukraine.  Instead, it is for total domination of the non-western world by humiliating, if not totally defeating, the principal power opposing that domination.  Defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as supporting the democratic rights of its people are nothing but pretexts.    

For the west, democracy and sovereignty are not ends but means to an end, the end being the supremacy of the western world over the non-western world.  A non-western democracy will be nipped in the bud if it is not fully controlled by the west, and a non-western sovereignty will be trampled if it is not fully subservient to the west.  The examples are too many to list.  Suffice it to mention the Democratic Republic of Congo under Patrice Lumumba, and the republic of Chile under Salvador Allende.  After all, expecting genuine freedom and democracy from the very institutions built on colonialism and slavery is akin to expecting a pigeon from a serpent’s egg; it will never materialize.   

The western world reached its apex about fifty or so years ago and is now tumbling down to its nadir at increasing rate.  It has been in a state of decline in every aspect, be it scientific, technological, moral, or spiritual.  Almost all western countries (especially the UK and France who stand on foundations solely built on colonialism and slavery) are still affluent not because they are industrious or innovative, but solely because they are the prime beneficiaries of what I would like to call the “neocolonial complex of the west”.  Simply put, the neocolonial complex of the west is a complex military, political, financial, and propaganda system of the west for controlling and exploiting the non-western world in the name of freedom, democracy, and human right.  It is a zero-sum complex system by which the western world enriches itself by impoverishing the non-western world.  

Ethiopia is a very poor “third world” country.  However, thanks to corrupt despots and puppets imposed on the Ethiopian people by the neocolonial complex of the west, the little wealth Ethiopians produce through hard labor continuously flows to the west to play its part in keeping the UK, France, and other western countries “first world”.  If at any time Ethiopia gets a nationalist leader who aspires to put all Ethiopian affairs under full control of Ethiopians, the neocolonial complex of the west will immediately crank up its propaganda machine to demonize that nationalist leader as a dictator, autocrat, or tyrant so as to justify deposing the leader through the military, political, and financial machines of the complex. The same goes for the rest of the non-western world, all the way from Guatemala to Papua New Guinea including Russia and China.   

The neocolonial complex of the west for exploiting the non-western world is existential for practically all western countries. Dismantle this system, almost all western “first world” countries (especially the UK and France who are among the highest beneficiaries of this system) will nosedive to “third world” status in matter of few years.  

Mr. Luigi Di Maio, Italy’s former deputy prime minster now serving as its foreign minister, was right on point when he remarked that, “France has never stopped colonizing tens of African states” and is “impoverishing” Africans by exploiting them through its colonial-style policies.  Emmanuel Macron was so infuriated with Mr. Di Maio that he summoned his Italian envoy for “consultations”.  Infuriated he should be, because what Mr. Di Maio said is very true.  Truth hurts and hurts to the core.  Of all western countries, Frances and UK are the most dependent on the neocolonial complex of the west.  They live off this complex, almost exclusively.  No wonder why France and UK are the loudest saber rattlers of the war in Ukraine, a war for the supremacy of the neocolonial complex on which they are entirely dependent.  

Western governments will always find a reason or reasons to fight anyone and everyone who challenges their neocolonial complex system of exploitation on which their present state of affluence entirely depends.  This is why they are now ganging up against Russia using Ukraine as a pretext.   They kept on provoking Russia by encircling it with NATO, knowing that at some point it will have to say enough is enough.  Now that it said so, they immediately started battering her viciously with all aspects of their neocolonial complex (military, political, financial, and propaganda).  They are pouring all kinds of weapons and are openly recruiting all kinds of mercenaries to utterly defeat Russia and make it an unforgettable example for other wannabe challengers of their neocolonial complex.  They are fighting Russia with China in their mind, one proof that their war with Russia has nothing to do with Ukraine.        

If Russia prevails and wins the war in Ukraine, its victory will herald the beginning of the end of the neocolonial complex of the west and, with it, the domination of the non-western world by the western world.  Westerners know this fact more than anybody else and have clearly shown that they will not hesitate to do anything and everything they can do to make Russia fail and fail abysmally.  They will not stop even if that means the cataclysmic end of the world, the apocalypse.  Obviously, they prefer instant death by nuclear Armageddon to slow, agonizing death by the breakup of their neocolonial complex.  They are so narcissist that if they have to die the whole nature and all creatures have to die with them.  After all, these were the very people who caused incalculable and irreversible destruction to nature and its creatures in Africa, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia to satisfy their boundless colonialist greed.       

 If westerners succeeded and defeat Russia in Ukraine, they will also most likely defeat the only other country which can pose serious threat to the neocolonial complex of the west, China.  With Russia and China defeated, the neocolonial complex of the west will no longer have a serious threat, and, therefore, will reign over the entire world.  The sun will not set on its empire.  The whole non-western world will forever be condemned to toil slavishly to fund the west’s lavish lifestyle.      

More importantly, if Russian and China are defeated and made subservient to the neocolonial complex of the west, western hypocrites, knowing that they have no serious challenger anymore, would throw their veil of freedom, democracy, and human right to completely reveal their true self.  They will immediately revive Gobineau’s race theory to openly call for the recolonization the non-western world by the Aryan master race.  

In particular, westerners will rush to recolonize and re-scramble Mother Africa or, as the propaganda wing of the neocolonial complex of the west infamously referred to her, the “hopeless continent”.   This time they will rain down on “the hopeless continent” with vengeance to make sure that it remains forever hopeless.  They have never forgotten the good whipping African freedom fighters gave them in the 1960’s with the help of Russia and China and are itching for revenge whenever the opportunity arises.    

Just as the dominance of the neocolonial complex of the west is existential for the western world, its demise is existential for the non-western world, especially for Africa.  For Africa to come out of the vicious circle of poverty and chaos, its principal cause, the neocolonial complex of the west, must be utterly dismantled.  Therefore, Africa should use each and every opportunity to kill each and every aspect of this neocolonial complex.  In this respect, the war in Ukraine is a God given opportunity for Africa.  

Of all African countries, Ethiopia is perhaps the worst victim of the neocolonial complex of the west, solely because it crushed western colonialists at Adwa, paved the way for decolonization of the entire continent of Africa, initiated Pan-Africanism, and laid the very foundation of black pride and black nationalism for blacks all over the world.  Were Ethiopia now lead by a black nationalist leader, it would readily have sent its brave soldiers to fight the neocolonial complex of the west alongside Russians and set an example for the rest of Africa.  After all, it was Russia who stood for Africa by standing for Ethiopia when it crushingly defeated western colonialists in the battle of Adwa.  

In this context, it is imperative to say a few words about the role the neocolonial complex of the west has assigned for Ethiopia’s next-door neighbor, Kenya.  Kenya’s UN ambassador, Mr. Martin Kimani, was hailed by the propaganda wing of the neocolonial complex of the west for purposely and dishonestly confusing Russia’s quest for security with the imperialist aspirations of the west.  Contrary to what Mr. Kimani said, next to Egypt, no African country is happier than Kenya to have its border drawn by its colonial masters.  As an example, the British made sure their colonial Kenya incorporates almost the whole of lake Turkana, even though the lake is fed almost exclusively by the Omo river of Ethiopia.  

Almost everything in Kenya is exclusively owned and run by various wings of the neocolonial complex of the west, meaning Kenya is firmly under its grip.  As such, Kenya is allowed by the complex to be peaceful and prosperous to an extent, so that it can easily be compared and contrasted with the warring and impoverished Ethiopia.  Put another way, the relatively ok situation of colonized Kenya is needed to amplify the pitiful situation of Ethiopia, the only non-colonized country in Africa.  This would give the propaganda wing neocolonial complex of the west a reason to argue “colonization was good for Africa and so will recolonization”.  After all, Africa is a “hopeless continent” and, therefore, is forever “the white Man’s Burden”.

Oh lord God, was anyone ever humiliated as the black man was humiliated by the English man?  How long do blacks have to wait for your “vengeance is mine; I will repay?”  Would you condemn blacks if they are tired of waiting and take matters in their own hands?   

In any case, when the English and other west Europeans first set out to colonize Africa, they did so not because they thought Africans were inferior or coward, as they later label them to be, but because they knew Africans did not have the guns to fight them back.  In so many instances, well-armed European armies were saved from utter defeat by spear wielding African warriors not by their valor or military skill, but by cracking the gun powder.  

A case in point is the battle of Omdurman (September 2, 1898), in which a British regular army of 8,000 lead by General Kitchener snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by a Darfurian army lead by Abdullah al-Taashi.  It did so only because it employed the then weapon of mass destruction (WMD), the Maxim machine gun which fires 600 rounds per minute.  Africans, not Japanese, were the first victims of WMD, the English, not the Americans, were the first users of WMD, and Winston Churchill was the first statesman to publicly laud the vicious massacre of Africans by WMD.  One has to read Mr. Churchill to realize how exalted he was by the devastating effects of WMD.   

“Thus ended the battle of Omdurman—the most signal triumph ever gained by the arms of science over barbarians. Within the space of five hours the strongest and best-armed savage army yet arrayed against a modern European Power had been destroyed and dispersed, with hardly any difficulty, comparatively small risk, and insignificant loss to the victor.”  [Winston Spencer Churchill, The River War: An Historical Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan, page 164]   

Such a sadist was the man hailed by the propaganda wing of the neocolonial complex of the west as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, bulwark of freedom, democracy, and human right.  Indeed, western hypocrisy has no limits.   

Western leaders have openly vowed to recruit “volunteer fighters” for their life and death struggle in Ukraine.  Most, if not all, of these “volunteer fighter” are sure to be regular NATO soldiers camouflaged as “volunteers”.  Therefore, another motivation for Africans to fight alongside the Russians in Ukraine is the chance to be equally armed with regular English soldiers and face them on a level battlefield to prove Mr. Churchill wrong and show who the real coward and barbarian is.  

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