A Brilliant diagnosis for Ethiopia (Prof. Mammo Muchie)

A Brilliant diagnosis for Ethiopia

Prof. Mammo Muchie

“The transition of higher education, like Ethiopia itself, has gone through three major changes since
the early 50s: the first is the phase of an elite education system where quality over numbers was the
guiding norm under the traditional monarchy. The second phase was when the country fell under
military rule where shallow ideological control also penetrated the educational system. The third
phase is the ethnic federal arrangement where the country seems to be facing a ‘dramatic expansion
of higher education’ with all the problems that this has brought to the decline in maintaining high
level quality in the curriculum, the graduates and the overall educational standard.
Both public and private higher education colleges have grown since 1991. Public universities are
expected to be 33 this year. Enrolment into the higher education sector has also expanded with a policy
of 70:30 with 70% catering for science and technology students and 30% for humanities and social

How is the education system going from 2018—?

Please read the attached book review  written   12 years back but still reflects the current challenges the education system is in Ethiopia! 

Quality of Higher Education in Ethiopia

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