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CNN’s fake news on the TOLE massacre - Mesfin Arega

CNN’s fake news on the TOLE massacre

Mesfin Arega

Ethiopian Prime Minister and rebel group blame each other for apparent civilian massacre”

CNN, July 6, 2022

What CNN tries to belittle as an “apparent civilian massacre” is an irrefutable, horrendous slaughter of thousands of Amhara women and children by machete wielding OLF terrorists, well documented by none other than the terrorists themselves.  And what CNN tries to suggest is Abiy Ahmed may have nothing to do with the slaughter – the very Abiy Ahmed who openly warned Amharas that, should they try to topple his anti-Amhara regime, hundreds of thousand of them will be slaughtered in a single day.  

CNN has mastered the art of fake news and fake narration laced by half-truth from the godfather of this devious, despicable art, the BBC.  It has now become better at this disdainful art than even the BBC, with much stronger financial clout and much wider global audience.  Deep down, at their very core, western liberal media like CNN and BBC are more antidemocratic and equality than their conservative counterparts, especially when it comes to black Africans.  Their main mission, their reason d’être, is clear and simple: to make money while promoting the liberal social issues they strongly espouse in the name of freedom and democracy.  

On the money side, they will say, report or write anything to increase their rating which is falling at a rate alarming only for them, especially since the advent of social media.  They absolutely do need war, conflict, terror, chaos, and turmoil because they can’t make money without them.  The tears they shade for war, conflict and terror victims are nothing but crocodile tears.  In their respective western countries, they do their sensational fake reporting ever careful not to pass their legal boundaries, only because they are fearful of losing money to its hefty price.  

However, when it comes to Africa and Africans, they do not bother to set a limit on themselves in any way whatsoever, be it legal, ethical, or professional.  This is because they know full well that Africans do not have the financial means to take them to their excessively and, perhaps, deliberately expensive western courts.  A prime example of this is BBC’s baseless, highly incriminating reporting of Gonder University’s alleged role in the cleansing of Tigrayans in the so called “Western Tigray”.  In the eyes of the BBC, Gonder University’s crime may very well be its location, the Amhara region of Ethiopia.   

Together with the BBC, CNN has been wedging a propaganda war against the Amhara of Ethiopia, if only because the majority of Amharas happen to be conservatives too proud for western liberal trash.  Maybe CNN is following the neocolonialist advice of Roman Prochaska to champion “the numerous tribes who inhabit the Ethiopian state who are forcibly kept from European colonialism by Abyssinian rulers whose aim is to act as champions of all black people so as to attack and destroy Western culture”.

In particular, CNN is out in full force to promote Tigrayan tribalist agenda at the expense of Ethiopian nationalist Amharas.  It has gone so far as accusing Amharas of ethnically cleansing Tigrayans based only on hearsay and innuendo, while the irrefutable truth is quite the opposite.  CNN conveniently forgets that its favorite Meles Zenawi, hailed by west as one “the new generation of African leaders”, has publicly admitted that three million Amharas were lost in less than half of his western-funded reign of terror.   The actual number of Amharas systematically cleansed by Mr. Zenawi is guesstimated to be more than seven million, making Mele’s Zenawi’s TPLF worse than both Hitler’s Nazi and Pol Pots Khmer Rouge.   

Nowadays, CNN is essentially acting as the mouthpiece of the anti-Amhara cabal in Biden’s inner administration.  This cabal is led by none other than the openly Amharapobic Ms. Suzan Rice.  Mr. Rice was, perhaps, the foreign statesperson closest to Mr. Zenawi, as she herself has alluded to in her passionate eulogy of him.  Since Abiy Ahmed came to power, this cabal of Mr. Rice has been using CNN to heap undeserved praise upon him, realizing that the days of ruling Ethiopia through Meles Zenawi’s anti-Amhara TPLF puppet are gone for good.  

It would not be surprising if the US state department played a prominent role in Abiy Ahmed’s undeserved Nobel Peace Prize, even though Mr. Rice’s cohorts in the department, including the present secretary of state, were sure to have ample information to know that Abiy Ahmed’s ethnic based crime on Amharas was already much worse than that of the disgraced Nobel laurate Aung San Suu Kyi on Rohingya.  However, this was and is immaterial for Suzan Rice and Co. because the victims were and are Amharas as well as other nationalities naturally allied with Amharas, mainly Gammos and Gedeos.  

As far as the anti-Amhara cable within the Biden administration is concerned, Abiy Ahmed is a much more improved reincarnation of their favorite Meles Zenawi.  He is much more cruel and much more despicable than Mr. Zenawi, with no shred of honor and dignity, making him an ideal puppet completely dependent on the west.  What make him so special is that he is an OLF/TPLF combo who combines the worst elements of both, especially their unimaginable, irrational hatred and beastly cruelty towards the Amhara.  Naturally, the west will protect such a very special, priceless puppet at any cost.  It will take utmost care not to tarnish his image even in the slightest way and will do its best to shield him from any insinuation or accusation.  Therein lies the crucial role of CNN’s fake news and reporting, including the recent one on the Tole massacre of Amharas.     

CNN was quick to point its fake fingers squarely on Amharas for the supposed ethnic based crimes committed on Tigrayans in the quintessential Amhara land illegally annexed by Meles Zenawi.  It did so purely based on hearsay and innuendo, without providing any plausible let alone credible evidence, either circumstantial or actual.  However, when the vicious massacre of thousands of Amharas by Oromo terrorists became so full of actual, recorded evidence that it could not be denied anymore, CNN tried to belittle the heinous crime by referring the victims as nameless “civilians” and the perpetrators unknown.  It even tried to cast doubt on the very occurrence of the massacre by reporting it as apparent

For CNN, the hundreds of thousands of Abiy Ahmed’s ethnic cleansing victims may be nameless “civilians”, but for patriotic Ethiopians they are proud Amharas.  For CNN, the massacre of Tole may be apparent, but for the Amharas of Wellega it is a very real, tormenting experience.  For CNN, Abiy Ahmed and the rebels may blame each other for an “apparent massacre”, but for Amharas they are collaborators in a real, horrendous massacre.    

Abiy Ahmed’s chilling warning for Amharas more than two years ago should not be news for the 24/7 cable news network.  However, in the most unlikely case that it is, CNN would be advised to take notice.  Otherwise, the OLF monster-in-chief may go for the kill before CNN has enough time to prepare a sensational piece defending him, to be broadcast on the very day of the massacre forewarned by the monster himself.    

Abiy Ahmed has publicly warned Amharas that, should they try to topple his monstrous regime, hundreds of thousands of machete wielding Oromo militia are readily waiting on the outskirts of Addis Abba to swarm the city on a quick notice and slaughter hundreds of thousands.  Such is Abiy Ahmed’s confidence in the ever readiness and murderous capability of his terrorist militia.  Perhaps the frequent slaughtering of thousands of Amharas in Welega, including the recent one in Tole, is merely a training for the big one planned for Addis Ababa on a grander scale.  

Nevertheless, come what may, the Amhara people are left with no option other than toppling the OLF monster-in-chief by any means necessary, for that is their only way to ensure their very survival as Amhara.   And CNN should applaud Amharas for toppling Abiy Ahmed’s tyrannical regime, if only as a matter of principle.  After all, it was none other than CNN’s oft quoted Jefferson who urged citizens to throw tyrannical governments, not as a matter of right but as a matter of duty.  But again, does CNN have principle?

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