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Oromo invasion over Ethiopia - By Getiye Yalew

Oromo invasion over Ethiopia

By Getiye Yalew

Abiy Ahimed’s ruling is building the Oromo supremacy over Ethiopia. This is the 50+ years dream of Oromo politics. Abiy and his companion cells made the ruling prosperity party a tool for invasion.

To make it functional they try to invade over 80 Ethiopian nations and this is supported by the Geda ideology. What is Geda?

It is the cultural and political association, that the Oromo leaders use to invade others. When power transitions from one Geda leader to the other the first criterion is invading non-Oromo tribes, killing people and cutting the penis. Cutting the penis is a criterion for the marital process.

On this day Oromo old men proudly posted the symbol of the cut penis on their forefront. They are promoting it in cultural centres. According to the rulling prosperity party’s plan if Oromo’s invasion of the rest of Ethiopia is successful cutting a penis will be the habit of every Ethiopian. Let the supreme God save us!

According to their plan, the invasion will be in terms of culture, language, religion, identity and totally ethnicity.   In Ethiopia, more than 70% of the population is Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church followers. Most of the remaining are Muslims and very few non-Orthodox and non-Muslims are existing. However, the ruling party is promoting Erecha to make it a dominant religion in Ethiopia. Except for the concept of religion Erecha has no institutions like churches and mosques as well as religious leaders like preachers. The founder of Christianity is Jesus Christ and the founder of Islam is Nebiyu Mohamed. Who’s the founder of Erecha? No one can answer it.  Even it has no documents like Bible. It is just paganism.

According to some very small Oromo communities, Erecha is celebrated twice a year. In a celebration, people are slaughtered and their blood will be added to a river. Based on their thinking being slaughtered is the way to heaven. Then others wash their hands and face with blood-mixed water. This is what Abiy’s ruling tries to make Ethiopian common religion.

In order to build the Oromo supremacy Abiy is weakening the north politics, particularly which is the Amhara and Tigrians. If they defeat the north the remaining non-Oromo is easy to assimilate based on their calculation. They can make other non-Oromos their servants, which Oromos named Gebero and Mogasa. It is adopting others into Oromo culture and that culture is cutting penis. If this plan will not be successful, there is another goal, which is to abscise Oromia regional State from Ethiopia and build their small piece of country. For this purpose weakening Amhara is their primary goal. The terrorist TPLF leaders also collaborate with Oromos to weaken Amhara and to make their small piece of country. Tigrian and the Oromo politics levelled Amhara as a common enemy, that is why remaining their bloody difference they are collaborating. Therefore, keeping a shared aim of dissolving Ethiopia, they are working together first of all to dismiss Amhara, the largest population and senior ethnicity.

The Oromo and Tigrian evil collaboration has drawn a map about how to take Amhara’s land. This map was early prepared while TPLF was in Minilk palace and now it has more improvements. Let’s look at some details:

To hand over, the Amharan ansistorian estate, Wolkait for Tigray is the first step of functioning the map. Then to expand Tigray in a way to Metema up to Quara district, which is the home village of Emperor Tewodros. On the other direction in the Gojjam front to hand over the Metekel areas to Benshangul Gumuze regional state. Planning for far away Amhara from neighbours Sudan and Eritrean borders,  the Oromo-Tigray collaboration tries to function as a map. According to their plan, Amhara will lose its coroner to geographical International relations and be put under the encirclement of Tigray and Oromo. Here readers may ask where Oromo exists around a circle. That is because the next plan is to assimilate minority Benshangul Gumze into Oromia regional state.

On the other side, most Shoa part of Amhara will be taken to Oromo forcefully and it will be performed from the way to  Dera district. Amhara of Wollo will be divided into two. The Raya front of it will be given to Tigray and the remaining to Oromo. The Oromo taken part of Wollo will be named north Oromia with a hub of the current Kemise.

In addition to this most parts of Gojjam, Amhara will be taken by Oromo in front of east Wollega. This is the calculation in which Abiy Ahmed is busy with functions.

To make it practical Oromo nationalist Abiy Ahmed’s regime plans to fragment Amhara regional state into five small regional states and federal administrations. The coming regional states will be Gondar, Gojjam, Shoa, Wollo and Agew. Federal administrations will be Qimant and Kemise. This is the first plan before the total function of the map. Based on their plan it will be implemented after South Nations and Nationalities Regional State fragmented into many regional states.

If this plan will be functional even the name Amhara will be forgotten.  Amhara will be a non-territorial dispersed nation. State orchestrated Genocide on ethnic Amhara will remain increase.

There is no doubt that this evil plan will dissolve Ethiopia with a total population of more than 100 million. After the bad consequence, this huge population will negatively change the geopolitical and social affairs of the East African region. That is why the Ethiopian neighbours and even the world need to support Amharan politics.

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