My humble advice for President Putin: (Mesfin Arega)

My humble advice for President Putin: go nuclear

Mesfin Arega

Western countries are striving to maintain the world order they themselves concocted to make it beneficial only for them.  They are also the ones who regularly violate their own rules when convenient. 

Vladmir Putin (September 07, 2022, Vladivostok)


Mr. President Putin, the non-western world, especially the intelligentsia, has largely been supportive of your actions in Ukraine for the sole reason that your victory will herald the beginning of the end of the western domination of the non-western world via the so called “rule-based international order”, which is nothing but a set of colonial style “I-know-for-you” western rules the west itself tramples when it deems fit.  However, by not calling your action by its real name (war) and treating it as such so as to employ all means of wedging war available to you, you seem to be heading to a total, crushing defeat, thereby ensuring the supremacy of the very neocolonial order you set out to dismantle.  

If, God forbid, the west defeats Russia in Ukraine, it will also most likely defeat the only other country which can pose a serious threat to its total neocolonial hegemony, China.  With Russia and China defeated, the west will no longer have a serious rival, and, therefore, its reign through its own self-serving neocolonial “international order” will be absolute.  Its grip on the non-western world will be even tighter than it was before the onset of the Ukraine war.  Once again, the Sun will not set on the west’s empire of total domination and the whole non-western world will forever be condemned to toil slavishly to fund the west’s lavish lifestyle.   

More importantly, if Russian and China are defeated and made subservient to the west, western neocolonialists, knowing that they have no serious challenger anymore, would throw their veil of freedom, democracy, and human right to completely reveal their true self.  They will immediately revive the master race theory of their colonialist predecessors like Mr. Churchill who once wrote “I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly-wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place. The Aryan stock is bound to triumph.”  

The former prime minister of England, Boris Johnson, implied the same when he wrote the best fate for Africa would be if the old colonial powers, or their citizens, scrambled once again in her direction; on the understanding that this time they will not be asked to feel guilty.  The continent may be a blot, but it is not a blot upon our conscience … The problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge anymore”.  

Ironically, the worst victims of the neocolonialist white supremacism may very well be none other than the Ukrainians themselves, the very people who are now willingly used as cannon fodder to advance the neocolonialist agenda.  Until very recently, the term “white” as used by white supremacists was restricted only to Anglo-Saxon protestants and didn’t include the French, the Italian or the Irish let alone the Ukrainian.  For instance, the United States had an unwritten law that only an Anglo-Saxon protestant can be president.  The first catholic president of the US (John F. Kennedy) was elected in 1961, 185 years after the US was founded.  The Immigration Act of 1924 was introduced to drastically reduce immigration from Southern, Central, and Eastern Europe.  In Canada, Francophones are still discriminated by Anglophones and are still fighting to secede.   

As black resistance in America stiffened and as England is chased out of Africa and Asia, the shrewd Anglo-Saxon saw the need to make all Europeans his allies, especially Southern and Eastern Europeans who were hitherto treated in some cases worse than blacks.  He conveniently loosened his stringent restrictions on who is “white”, concocted an “international order” in which non-Anglo-Saxon Europeans like the Italians, the French and the Irish were appointed to prominent positions, thereby changing the narration from “Anglo-Saxon rule” to “White rule”.   In their turn, the newly minted “whites” felt the need or rather were made to feel the need to prove to the Anglo-Saxon that they deserve to be in the same league with him.  This explains why the most vicious and vociferous racists and white supremacists happen to be mostly from Southern, Central, and Eastern Europe as well as from Ireland.  Suffice it to mention the monkey chants and other racist abuses of black football players by east and south European hooligans, taking their cue from the mother of all hooligans, the English hooligan, a zealot aroused by white supremacist indoctrination, a herd taught to see blacks as “The white man’s burden” and Africa as “The hopeless continent”.   

As for east Europeans, especially the Polish and Ukrainians, they have an additional burden of proof.  They have to show that they are fully behind the Anglo-Saxon’s cause by being as Russophobic as they can possibly be.  This is why the Ukrainian is nowadays acting more catholic than the pope, behaving as if he is the greatest defender of “European values”, even though he is not and will never ever be considered aproper European”. 

 Indeed, nothing drives a person or, for that matter, a nation like inferiority complex.  Were it not a deadly serious matter, it does not get funnier than seeing a western wannabe Ukrainian fanatic willingly killing and dying his own Slavic brethren for, of all things, “western freedom and democracy”.  

Blinded by his intense Russophobia, the Ukrainian fanatic can’t see that expecting genuine freedom and democracy from the very institutions built on colonialism and slavery is akin to expecting a pigeon from a serpent’s egg; it will never materialize.  His hatred induced blindness has also prevented him from seeing the glaringly obvious fact that the war in Ukraine a proxy war of the west by the west for the west to humiliate and totally defeat Russia and has nothing to do with sovereignty or territorial integrity of Ukraine.  He can’t also see the obvious reason why Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, Ben Wallace and other English politicians and statesmen are the loudest saber rattlers of the war in Ukraine is not because they care a bit for Ukraine, but only because their England is helplessly dependent on supremacy of the west’s neocolonial order without which it will nosedive from “first world” to “third world” in matter of few years.  

In his zeal to please his western masters by inflicting as much damage to the Russia he loves to hate, the Ukrainian western wannabe fanatic is completely oblivious of what Russia can do to Ukraine in return.  He should have known that the west is more than willing to make Ukraine a nuclear Armageddon than lose its neocolonial hegemony.  His anger should have been directed not at Vladmir Putin but at his own comical leader who obviously does not know the difference between TV comedy and nuclear tragedy, who needs to be reminded that his freedom in his house does not give him the right to bother let alone endanger his neighbor, who thinks or rather is made to think that what applied to Cuba does not apply to Ukraine, and, above all, who seems not to care a bit for Ukraine and Ukrainians as long as his Anglo-Saxon patrons keep treating him as a Churchill incarnate, giving him standing ovations wherever and whenever they invite him to spew his hatred of Russia and anything Russian.       

Mr. President Putin.  You started the war in Ukraine believing that the presence of NATO soldiers in Donbass is an existential threat for Russia, and most of the non-western world agreed with you on that.  However, it is now becoming increasingly apparent that your belief in NATO’s existential threat may not be as wholehearted as it should have been.  Otherwise, you would have readily removed the existential threat to Russia by any necessary means Russia has at its disposal.  

Mr. President Putin, I do not have to tell you that there is no such thing as a gentleman’s war, especially when fighting the west.  The west may be openly and unashamedly inconsistent regarding freedom, democracy, or human right.  However, it can never, ever be accused of inconsistency in its unwavering belief that might is right, and the victor is saint.  The west dominated the world by employing the most devastating war machines available to it effectively and mercilessly without qualms.  It colonized Africa, and Asia and fully owned America and Australia by wiping hundreds of millions of natives and calls itself the master race for its horrendous feat.  It has readily used WMD (weapons of mass destruction) in Africa and Asia and has openly declared its ever readiness to use WMD whenever and wherever its hegemony is threatened, even slightly.  

Winston Churchill was elated by the effectiveness of the then WMD (the Maxim machine gun which could fire 600 rounds per minute) in the battle of Omdurman (September 2, 1898).  

“Thus ended the battle of Omdurman—the most signal triumph ever gained by the arms of science over barbarians. Within the space of five hours the strongest and best-armed savage army yet arrayed against a modern European Power had been destroyed and dispersed, with hardly any difficulty, comparatively small risk, and insignificant loss to the victor.”  [Winston Spencer Churchill, The River War: An Historical Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan, page 164]    

President Truman’s alibi for bombing the hell out of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was “to bring the war to a speed end and save American lives”.  The same Truman threatened to use nuclear weapons in Korea, only because the resistance to his forces appeared to be stiffer than he expected.  During the Taiwan Strait Crisis of the 1950s, President Eisenhower was quick to pull the nuclear card the moment things seemed to get a bit out of his control.  President Trump threatened “fire and fury” against North Korea if it endangers, not the US mind you, but US allies South Korea and Japan.   

On the other hand, Mr. President Putin, your own spokesman (Dimitry Peskov) clearly stated that “any outcome of the operation [in Ukraine] is not a reason for using nuclear weapons”.  For the belligerent, might-is-right-west, your hesitancy to fully employ Russia’s full might is a sign of serious weakness and definitely not of prudence.  The west is mocking your cautiousness and is openly calling you a bluff.     

What are you waiting for Mr. Putin?   The situation in Ukraine is quickly deteriorating and, at this rate of deterioration, it may very well get completely out of your control soon.  However, I do not see any action that would indicate a sense of urgency on your part.  With each day of your inaction, the western stooge in Kiev is becoming more emboldened.  From talking about retaking Donbass, and then Crimea, he is now talking about dismantling Russia altogether to make the victory of the west over Russia absoluteIf this is not an existential threat, I do not know what is.   

Mr. President Putin, what is holding you from doing from what you know, and what the whole world knows, you have to do make sure Russia wins quickly and decisively especially by taking out of the west’s command and control center in Kiev.  The fate of not only Russia, but also of China and the rest of the non-western world is in your hands.  Not only that.  Apart form US, UK, and Poland who are benefiting from the war in Ukraine, the other Europeans, especially the Germans and the French, most probably want you to finish the war quickly and relieve them of their economic suffering, though they may not say so openly, for obvious reasons.  In the supposed democratic west where free speech is supposed to reign supreme, anyone and everyone who dare criticize the Ukrainian dictator (Zelensky) is a pariah, one more proof that, for the west, democracy is not an end by a means to an end, the end being the domination of the non-western world in the name of freedom, democracy, and human right.     

Mr. President Putin, I can understand why you hesitate to do what you know (and everybody in the world knows) any western leader in your situation would readily do.  Perhaps you want Russia to keep holding the moral high ground by not using WMD like the US and UK.  I can also see why you keep resisting the west’s temptation to pull Russia down to its forever tarnished moral level by calling you bluff for not applying Russia’s full might on Ukraine.  

However, the stakes are higher, way higher, than moral high ground.  The west has already tasted the “worldly fruit” of WMD in Sudan and Japan, has found it be very sweet, nutritious, and uplifting, and, therefore, is eager to taste it again whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.  If you keep weakening Russia’s leverage and thereby emboldening the west by your hesitation, the moment the west thinks Russia is sufficiently weakened to retaliate, it will not hesitate to roast her by nuclear inferno.  This is especially true of the permanently opportunistic England whose current prime minister (Liz Truss), in her bid to replace the warmonger Boris Johnson, saw the need to be more so than Boris Johnson by publicly declaring her readiness to launch England’s Trident nuclear weapons.   Her target is too obvious to mention.  


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