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White & black versus piggy & ebony

Mesfin Arega

White & black versus piggy & ebony

The time for “white Christmas”, “white Jesus”, and “white Santa” is the most appropriate time for discussing the very terms “white” and “black” as applied to people of European and African descent.  Classifying people by skin color as white, black, yellow, brown, red etc. is a self-serving post-colonial concept highly promoted, if not introduced, by European colonialists, most of all by the most sinister of all European colonialists, the permanently opportunistic Anglo-Saxon.  Such a classification is part and parcel of the Eurocentric view of the world, of which the Anglo-Saxon is the main driver.   The hope is to perpetuate Anglo-Saxon supremacy forever by permanently placing “whites” at the apex of the race pyramid and “blacks”, potentially the biggest threat to “whites”, at the bottom, the other colors acting as buffers.  

Until very recently, the term “white” as used by the Anglo-Saxon exclusively refers only to Anglo-Saxon protestants and didn’t include the French, the Italian or the Irish, let alone the Polish, the Ukrainian or the Bulgarian.  For instance, the Anglo-Saxon dominated United States had an unwritten law that only an Anglo-Saxon protestant can be president.  The first catholic president of the US (John F. Kennedy) was elected in 1961, 185 years after the US was founded by Anglo-Saxon settlers for Anglo-Saxon settlers.  The Immigration Act of 1924 was introduced to drastically reduce immigration from Southern, Central, and Eastern Europe.  In Canada, Francophones are still discriminated by Anglophones and are still fighting to secede.

As “black” resistance in America stiffens and as England is chased out of Africa, the shrewd Anglo-Saxon saw the need to make all Europeans his allies, especially Southern and Eastern Europeans who were hitherto treated in some respects worse than “blacks”.  The restriction on the term “white” was conveniently loosened to include all Europeans so as to change the narration from “blacks” against Anglo-Saxon oppressors to blacks against “white rule”.  In their turn, the newly minted “whites” felt the need or rather were made to feel the need to prove to the Anglo-Saxon that they deserve to be in the same league with him.  This is why the most vicious and vociferous racists and white supremacists happen to be mostly from Southern, Central, and Eastern Europe as well as from Ireland.  For any self-respecting African, there is nothing more painful than seeing  Polish, Ukrainian or Bulgarian hooligans throwing bananas at soccer player of African descent, taking their cue from animalistic English hooligans.     

In any case, the Anglo-Saxon is entitled to apply his own skin color classification and refer to all people of European descent as “white” and those of African descent as “black”.  However, “black” Africans should not and must not contribute to their own degradation by adopting this baseless classification whose sole purpose to promote “white” supremacy.     

No man has ever been degraded as the Blackman is degraded by the west European, most of all by the Englishman.  Almost all English compound words containing “black” (black list, black market, blackmail, black ball, black spot, black widow …) are highly offensive derogatory terms solely coined by the Englishman for that very purpose.  The writer of “The Whiteman’s Burden”, the rude Rudyard Kipling, is considered England’s best poet after Shakespeare and was awarded the Nobel prize for his unabashedly racist views, whereas the Economist which labelled Africa as “The Hopeless Continent” on its front page is considered England’s preeminent magazine.  

In due time,  the Englishman must be made to pay dearly and in kind for each and every aspect of degradation he himself or his surrogates inflicted on Africa and Africans through his laughable race theory.  Till then, his derogatory usage of “black” should be answered by the same usage of “white”.  Preferably, Africans should not follow Anglo-Saxon’s idiotic example and classify people by skin color.  However, the Anglo-Saxon driven skin color based European racism has left self-respecting Africans with no choice other than countering it by coining their own equivalent terms for “white” and “black”.    

The skin color of people of European descent looks more like that of a pig and is definitely far from being white.  Therefore, referring them by skin color as piggy is more appropriate.  One the other hand, people of African descent are more like ebony than black and, therefore, can be referred to as such.   From ebony follow terms like ebony Americans (African Americans), ebony culture (African culture), ebony music (African music) etc.   And from piggy follow terms like piggy Europeans, piggy settlers, piggy colonizers, etc. 

The heydays of colonialism whereby the piggy European introduces self-serving racist terms to be adopted by the rest of the world, especially by the ebony Africans should be over, and should have been over the moment the piggy colonialist was chased out of Africa.  In African lexicography, the word “black” should be replaced by “piggy” in all derogatory terms concocted by the piggy Englishman.  Africans should not subscribe to the Englishman’s derogatory usage of “black”.  Instead, they should make him test his own medicine by using piggy list instead of black list,  piggy market instead of black market, piggymail instead of blackmail, and so on.  

Progress is founded on “I can” mentality, which itself is founded on self-respect.  The first step in self-respect is expunging all negative thoughts, feelings, and references.  A truly self-respecting Africa will herald the beginning of the end of white supremacism and its ramifications.  The demise of white supremacism is what the Englishman fears the most since his affluence is solely dependent on it.  This is true wherever the Englishman is, be it in the USA, Canada, Australia or Europe itself.  Now that the Englishman can no longer subjugate Africa militarily to prove his “supremacy”, his other means of proving the same through derogatory terms has become paramount to him.  However, this Englishman’s way of trying to put Africans down by mere words can be easily dealt with by simple reciprocation.  Eye for eye, tooth for tooth.  Piggy for white, ebony for black.  After all, speaking of skin color, ebony and piggy make more sense than white and black.         

Mesfin Arega



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