Ethiopian Worst Decade of Stupidity - Biruk Desalgn

Ethiopian Worst Decade of Stupidity

Biruk Desalgn

What is going on in Ethiopia? Stupidity. A stupid drama acted by EPRDF-Prosperity Amharas, Tigrians and Oromos, led by the stupidest leader in Ethiopian history, Abyot Ahimed. Ascertaining what the Nobel peace prize mean  and paying back for what he was given he is destroying the country with minute by minute help, advice, follow-up and agenda setting of the all time spiritual enemies of Ethiopia – the West. The latest agenda being the case against Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church (EOTC), he is cornering us for the ultimate sacrifice! 

The slow death of Ethiopian reason and wisdom started when we throw out our last King of Kings Kingdom. However we have never seen such a level of stupidity of the population and collection of stupid people in governance as in EPRDF and its new version Prosperity. 

Born in the northern two provinces of the country (by the ignorant fascist loyalist Idris Awate in Ertrea and bunch of idiots at Dedebit in Tigray), stupidity reaches its peak in Ethiopia in these same provinces. Of course Wolega province followed suit as slaughterhouse of Amharas through diabolic spoiling of the current generation’s mind as well as destabilizing the whole region. 

Thus, stupidity of Eritreans converted the industrialized Eritrean province and Asmara into Bashasha (the third icon of stupidity). Expelled from the center TPLF goes back to Dedebit and investment areas in Tigray developed by the looting of the rest of Ethiopia turned into Bashasha due to the stupidity of TPLF morons. Wolega has never been that much better than Beshaha but the innocent farmers lost their peaceful heritage once and for all since the generation is spoiled by barbarity. We can comfortably conclude that these three provinces are cursed for what they did to their motherland Ethiopia.

The senseless war of the last two years led by the three stupid parties and leaderships resulted in abhorrent human suffering. More than one million people died in the last two years and the conflict has left more than 13 million people in need of humanitarian food assistance and yet the drama continues with so called peace agreement with same actors.  Furthermore, Prosperity Party proved its top world class stupidity coming out of this senseless war with a decoration of a previous captive as a Field marshal, an insult to all soldiers of the world.

The big question is then, how such level of stupidity is allowed to create such a level of human suffering? The answer is: it is because the stupidity in Ethiopia is nurtured and maintained by global stupidity and its intervention in Ethiopia.  Attaining its apex in the last three years in general and the crisis of Ukraine in particular, now is the time for stupid governments all over the world. So if a government is stupid enough no matter the people of a nation do, like in Ethiopia as the current stupid event activated by the government against EOTC, it will maintain power through the help of current rulers of the world. 

A stupid person is by its simple definition a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses. Consider the case of world billionaires who are behind the suffering of people all over the world losing two trillion dollars in the year 2022; if this is not stupidity, then what is? 

In fact what is happening in the world is beyond stupidity. Consider the case of the ‘Awragunfan’ – a term used by Allelign. Who ordered the lock downs and the jab? How could almost all governments in the world follow this order? Is it not strange that it is a world government which prearranged and imposed all subsequent orders? Do not we have a world government informally through WHO, WEF, UN and/or a coordinated effort?  The fact remains that we are under the new world order. Only a fool expects the seal of the world government with a president.

What is surprising is the dullness of those who push this world control. Earlier in the history of mankind those who rule have been at least of a kind of top brass but today bunch of dull technocrats are taking the lead. Consider the well known top billionaires and Big Tech owners. Whenever they speak they talk about grand dreams based on their paid illusory technocrat’s fabricated terms; the top one being talking about hacking the human mind. Hacking the human mind is not a new idea, we know it since time immemorial but it is possible only by demons not human beings. The bla bla of “we have the technology to hack humans” is nonsense unless otherwise you yourself were hacked by demons and have a perverted mind.

Bragging about human hacking  by a none scientist  whose field is history is quite a surprise as the explanation about pandemics and vaccines as well as lockdowns was made by a none medical doctor top world billionaire; showing the state of stupidity of the world we are living in. While the real professionals and experts are not allowed and banned to explain the state of affairs in AI, vaccines, pandemics and climate; those who are second or third party dull people, are giving lectures as authoritative and responsible officials in these fields.

Simple common sense tells us it is possible to hack man made computers however hacking the human mind is beyond human limit, since it is not yet possible to know how the mind works, creates ideas etc.  In any case given that we are living in the most stupid time in human history and quarter of a century,  this kind of nonsense is now in the main stream as if it is a great breakthrough. The crucial issue for mankind today is therefore to identify how the world could evolve at this level of stupidity and governance by dull multi billionaires?

May be it begins when the Big Tech billionaires take over global wealth and control of governments. However, as Paul krugman stated it in his article A country is not a company, ‘the style of thinking necessary for economic analysis is very different from that which leads to success in business. A national economy must be run on the basis of general principles, not particular strategies… The general principles on which an economy must be run are different—not harder to understand, but different—from those that apply to a business.’

In short, running banks, Amazon, MS, Alphabet, Meta, Twitter or pharmaceuticals is different from governing the globe or a country.  Unfortunately, what Krugman wrote then is realized in the first quarter of 21 century as witnessed through the control of everything by this Big Tech companies.

Though backward, Ethiopians knew the stupidity of the world rulers when they award the Nobel peace prize for incumbent PM, ( given as an advance for the war in the northern Ethiopia?). 

That was not a surprise since they appointed Tewdros Adhanom as well as a WHO director who is not even a medical doctor; a product of the most spoiled narrow minded, ragtag Woyanes whose poverty mindedness  and jealousy never leave from their mind until God sends them to hell. His appointment clearly shows the dullness of the man behind his appointment. His appointment is most probably a favor for the sterilization test made against innocent Amahars when he was the health minister of Ethiopia serving the vaccines agenda and his active role as a foreign minister in facilitating and endorsement of pervert agendas to destroy a generation.

Proving himself as a moron to handle all evil and anti human measures in the name of health he was given the WHO directorship. So, we Ethiopians realized then that the world is led by mediocre minds -if not stupid- who are smart in business hiring paid scientists and trumpet their nonsense in the name of pandemic, climate change and transhumanism etc. Shame to the world we said then.

But the shame did not stop there, he continued fulfilling his assigned duties at a grand level of  the “Awra gunfan”  brought  to the world. The level of the world malignant stupidity was further ascertained again through allowing him another term. Once the rulers of this world achieved the obedience of the world in the last two years through WHO, they proceeded with new other agendas. Out of nowhere the crisis in Ukraine has come to the fore and food and energy crisis is bringing the world to its knees. In the process economies of countries are collapsing, people are suffering and depopulation is underway ‘suddenly’. What a world is this? Take Europe the cradle of modernity, their commission rather than protecting their people clearly destroys their economy.

In short for the first time in the history of governance, governments are deliberately and openly working against their people at a global level. Today’s governments are not accountable for their people; appointed through open or rigged so called elections by the dull world rulers of Big Tech and Big Pharma multi billionaires and bankers, they serve the global rulers not their people. Had the new world order rulers been a bit smarter than us, the way they would handle their ruling should have been reasonable enough to deceive us for a while. But their capacity limitation together with dissatisfaction with human level of happiness wealth could offer, leads them to evil sphere of executing dark agendas. It is clear that they are far behind intelligent people despite dumbing down peoples mind by 24/7 propaganda through their control of the mainstream media. The case of the latest blunder they are making in Brazil and Peru against people’s wishes and rights is a clear indication of their outdated approach.  It seems we are living in a world where the ‘useless eaters’ are becoming more intelligent and the ‘selected useful eaters’ are becoming more and more stupid.

In general, the so called collective west is becoming dim-witted enough as depicted through the food and energy self sabotage. Now it seems mountains of evidence will not help the western mind to prove the truth as described by Bezmenov, damn the Soviet brain washing of a generation, it is too late, the west is doomed; it needs a miracle to get out of this crisis.

Besides, the global agenda is becoming antihuman, God save us, approaching extinction. Of course for the global rulers it is not extinction, it is clearing ‘mother earth’ from the ‘useless eaters’. Thus, the world seems to have no alternative than practicing the boiling frog fable. Even the Russians led by Putin postured as alternative to save mankind are practicing some sort of silliness which are controversial issues of Russian interest like the biometric identification issue indicating that Putin himself is part of the game.

 All said, the dull multibillionaires are playing god but they will not succeed simply because they are dull enough to outsmart the complexity of this world. Above all there is a God given unintended effect dynamism and God’s world is brilliant enough not to prolong stupidity. Miracles aside, it seems we will encounter unimaginable disasters both intended and unintended in 2023, the peak year of stupidity as forecasted by studies on peak stupidity. Inevitably we are going to face its aftermath in later years until the end of the prevailing demonic rule of the world. 

As an extension of this world stupidity and maintained by it, Ethiopian government and its stupidity is at the verge of suicide through waging a war against EOTC, a war which cannot be won by Satan himself, let alone this stupid government and global rulers. We hope the year 2023 will be the beginning of the end of Ethiopian stupidity as well.

Free Tadiyos Tantu and all political prisoners!

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