Black Grazziani Abiy Ahmed Defeated Unarmed Ethiopians at the Battle of MENELIK Square on Adwa Victory Day !

Black Grazziani Abiy Ahmed Defeated Unarmed Ethiopians at the Battle of MENELIK Square on Adwa Victory Day !


In the early hours of Yekatit 23, 2015 EC hundreds of thousands of Addis Ababans converged on MENELIK Square where the great King of King’s magnificent equestrian monument is located near St. George Cathedral ! Abiy Ahmed, who has been diagnosed by a professional psychiatrist as suffering from “delusion of grandeur” could not tolerate the gargantuan historical stature of MENELIK II ! So he organized a parallel rally of mercenaries who succeeded in forming a crowd at Meskal Square of less than one hundredth of the massive tsunami of humanity that was still building up at MENELIK Square when Abiy’s various troops including the OPDO army clutching mounted machine guns tried to surround the celebrating crowds at MENELIK Square ! The crowds attempted to fight back with empty hands but when the troops started shooting teargas cannisters ferociously it became quite clear that they would soon use lethal weapons and so the crowds began to retreat !

At the alternative rally where the Abiy regime’s dignitaries including President Sahelework and the Speaker of the House Tateke Chaffo were present and where a few foreign ambassadors graced the occasion with their presence, nauseatingly insipid speeches were made, and big fat lies were told ! Importantly a military show of force was presented not against foreign enemies like Sudan and South Sudan, which are comfortably occupying Ethiopian territory, but against the still poorly organized and armed domestic opposition groups !
Hence Abiy’s red berets and husky federal and Oromia police force troops shot tear cannisters at the unarmed but huge enthusiastic crowds who turned out in droves to celebrate the greatest victory in black history, the Battle of Adwa in March 1896 ! Black Grazziani Abiy Ahmed defeated unarmed Ethiopians at the Battle of MENELIK Square on March 2 ,2023 and changed Adwa into Mychew ! A very sad day indeed ! We were defeated by soldiers whose salaries we pay with our taxes!
( in collaboration with TG, Addis Ababa)


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