5:18 pm - Tuesday June 16, 1085

Raya Kobo Falls to Fano!

Raya Kobo Falls to Fano !


The Great Amhara Resistance and Counter-Offensive has prevailed in the fierce fighting that has been going on in and around Raya Kobo ! Abiy’s mercenary soldiers are defecting to the Fano Resistance in droves, making it impossible for Berhanu Jula to defeat as planned Fano Merye Wadajo’s determined fight-back! Meantime, Merry Wadojo has made a passionate call for all Amhara medical professionals to come to the frontline to render service to the wounded !
It is becoming increasingly clear that Abiy is going to fight on as long as there are soldiers who are ready to obey his orders and he continues to control government resources which means his reign of terror is not likely to end as soon as all peace-loving Ethiopians would like ! So, the Great Fano Resistance and Counter-Offensive spearheaded by the Amhara Popular Front and led by Eskinder the Lion Hearted should consider the following strategies:
1.take over the administration of towns and areas liberated by it.
2.all taxes should be paid to the Fano administration.
3.assistance from abroad should be channelled through Fano administrations.
4.military organization and training should be enhanced until the entire Amhara region is liberated and Ethiopia is ready for the formation of a multi-ethnic transitional government after the overthrow of the genocidal Abiy kleptocracy.
5.use all internal and external media outlets to expose the horrible genocide, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity and human rights violations the genocidal Abiy kleptocracy is committing against the AMHARAs and all other members of the 85 language ethnicities of Ethiopia !

Meantime, it is important and timely to sternly remind the still draft beer-quaffing and luxury-auto-driving Addis Ababans that Fanos are sacrificing their lives not just to reverse the genocidal assault on the AMHARAs but to save Ethiopia, Addis Ababa included, from destruction by the genocidal Abiy kleptocracy ! Addis Ababans can make a difference in the outcome of the genocidal attack by the Abiy regime simply by staging a three-day stay-at-home strike ! History will judge you harshly when Fano and Eskinder finally enter triumphantly the awesome premises of the Grand MENELIK Palace while you are still quaffing draft beer and chewing chat ! Raya Kobo has fallen to Fano ! It won’t be long before Addis does !


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