Abiy said to Have Appealed for a 12-Billion -Dollar Foreign Loan to Stoke the Fires of Ethnic Hatred!

Abiy said to Have Appealed for a 12-Billion -Dollar Foreign Loan to Stoke the Fires of Ethnic Hatred !

Ethiopia got over 100bn USD in foreign grants and loans over the last 32 years but now has practically nothing to show for it except 20 million Ethiopians in need of emergency food aid ,5 million internally displaced persons,22bn USD frittered away on wanton civil wars, nearly 29bn outstanding external debt, hyperinflation, a 60 percent youth unemployment and a litany of other economic, political and social problems including ethnic profiling, targeted killings and acts of horrific evil !
And now Abiy appeals to the international community for an additional 12bn USD foreign loan through one Teklewold Atnafu ,a former long-time governor of the Ethiopian central bank(NBE) ,who was a central figure in causing all the problems mentioned above and ,above all, converting the NBE into a currency printing press, dangling a fake 3-year so-called “home-grown” economic development plan( which could have been better-generated on ChatGPT) and, you guessed it, in the midst of  another raging civil war !
The Biden Administration somehow seems to pursue a foreign policy stance on Ethiopia cobbled together in the 1970’s by the shrewd former American National Security Advisor ,Henry Kissinger, of ethnically and religiously destabilising Ethiopia to prevent it from falling into the “Soviet trap”, which ,of course, no longer exists ! Of course ,President Biden should now stay zillions of miles away from such a defunct foreign policy monstrosity and uphold ,at least usual foreign policy orientation towards respect for human and democratic rights ! It is an open secret that  the two Western-oriented global financial giants, the World Bank and the IMF, take orders from the world’s most powerful palace, the White House, which ,incidentally ,openly unhinged Abiy Ahmed tries to excel in splendour by possibly using part of this planned foreign loan for the fabulous trillion-birr palace he is building by clearing the years-old forests surrounding Addis Ababa( what “green legacy?!”)
Hence, if the West again makes the mistake of trying to get Abiy out of trouble by” throwing money ” at Ethiopia’s dire political problems, it will only end up by being blamed for the clearly visible atrocity crimes being committed even as I write by the genocidal Abiy kleptocracy ! President Biden, if you think you are only the President of the United States of America, pardon me, you are wrong ! Throwing money at an African seemingly political and economic problem is not the right solution ! You would clearly be stoking the fires of ethnic hatred in the Ethiopian case ! Humbly, not a particularly good thing to do in an election year !
GIRMA BERHANU (Professor) (In collaboration with TG, Addis Ababa)


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