Maksegnit in Gondar Liberated by Fano!

Maksegnit in Gondar Liberated by Fano!

The Fano juggernaut of liberation from the genocidal dictatorship of the Abiy kleptocracy is gaining traction by the day ! Maksegnit town in Gondar, which was controlled by OPDO forces ,has now been liberated by the determined Fano fighters who have the full support of the residents of the town !Abiy is apparently fighting a losing battle in Amhara killil where almost 100 percent of the population is against the genocidal kleptocracy!
Abiy’s outright lies and Adanech Abebe’s big-lie,  expensive propaganda campaigns in Addis Ababa have failed to hoodwink the once deliberately gullible Ethiopian people into believing the fantastical utopia of prosperity and bliss being conjured up by the shameless genocidal kleptocracy ! Abiy has used drones and conventional air strikes against the Amhara people in the latest genocidal civil war which he started !
As has been repeatedly pointed out ,the Great Fano Resistance and Counter-Offensive was provoked by the regime’s incontrovertible acts of cleansing, and horrific evil against the peace-loving, law-abiding and God-fearing Amhara people whose outstanding contributions to the evolution and construction of the ancient state of Ethiopia are well- known not only to Ethiopians but also to the world at large ! Along comes a bipolar, fake -prosperity gospel crackpot and unashamedly claims to be the seventh king of Ethiopia (read Oromia) and unleashes a reign of terror of holocaust proportions, particularly against the AMHARAs !

So, the AMHARAs have absolutely no choice but to die or survive fighting the monstrous regime which is out to annihilate them from the face the earth ! It is now or never ! It is a do -or-die battle of Armageddon proportions ! The writing on the wall is only too clear ! Fano has registered a string of victories at battles in Amhara killil ! The victory at Maskegnit in Gondar is only another precursor of the coming victories in the big cities and towns ,the biggest prize being Addis Ababa itself ,the seat of the genocidal Abiy kleptocracy !



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