Discrediting the popular resistance, by the ‘Ethiopian Government’ 

Discrediting the popular resistance, by the ‘Ethiopian Government’ 

Bekalu Atnafu Taye (PhD)

Farmers in Ethiopia have been requesting soil fertilizers since April, 2023. For the last four months, the government turned a blind ear to the voices of the farmers. On the other hand, the massive popular uprising has begun in August, 2023. This being the hard fact, the ‘government of Ethiopia’ accused Fano of blocking the distribution of soil fertilizers in ‘Amhara Regional States’ in the statement made with the diplomat community. This is a misleading statement which is pack of lies and this game of deception is well-known by the people of Ethiopia. In other words, the ‘government of Ethiopia’ tries to spread a major disinformation campaign to discredit the massive popular uprising in the country and it makes an attempt to downplay the success of Fano in the struggle to liberate the country.

Prosperity Party outgrows from EPRDF which believes that ‘a lie told a hundred times could be accepted as truth.’ This diction is the bedrock of the EPRDF as well as PP cadres being used in the process of indoctrinating the youth. In general, the cumulative evidence unmistakably points to the fact that the ‘government’ has used massive lies and hearsay so as to preserve its grip on power. The government is engaged in disinformation campaign that the popular uprising in Ethiopia is an expression of “anti-peace”, or “anti-development” But the fact of the matter is that the people of Ethiopia is struggling for survival.

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