The Implications of the State of Emergency Abiy Has Announced for Amhara Killil!

The Implications of the State of Emergency Abiy Has Announced for Amhara Killil !

The after-the-fact invitation by Yelekal Kefeyal of federal troops to enter Amhara killil to maintain law and order almost three months after Abiy sent his troops there to crack down on the Amharas and their armed Fannos is not only laughable but also despicable ! It is meant to give the massacres already committed in the Killil a veneer of constitutional legality ,which not even the most gullible of Ethiopians can accept ! The purpose of the state of emergency is therefore to reinforce Abiy’s troops who have been ignominiously routed in every battle they have fought in the Amhara killil ,which they officially entered three months ago in a special military operation led by Abebaw Tadesse ,a notorious Amhara traitor whose only apparent reason for attacking  his own people is a high-rise building he is reported to have constructed with corruption money !
Daniel Kibret, who is characterized by some as the Rasputin of the Abiy regime, has tried to describe the Amhara Fannos as a disgruntled fringe group whose objective is to rob and plunder like ” Jawessawoch”( robbers) and who therefore deserve to be burnt like chaff ! An incredible, pejorative description of the Amhara armed group who is fighting in self-defence against genocide and ethnic cleansing by the genocidal Abiy kleptocracy ! Daniel Kibret is a traitorous Amhara who has officially admitted that part of the proceeds from Abiy’s book sales has been credited to his personal bank account ! Follow the money trail to trace his despicable betrayal !
On the other hand, Berhanu Nega, once considered one of Ethiopia’s most prominent intellectuals, has formally supported the entry of Abiy’s genocidal troops into Amhara killil as a member of the Council of Ministers ,which passed the state of emergency by a unanimous vote ! Berhanu is one of those individuals who has gone from hero to zero ! Belete Molla, an Amhara member of the Council of Ministers ,is also a notorious Abiy bootlicker!  Constitutionally, the state of emergency draft bill approved by the Council of Ministers must now go to Parliament for final enactment ! Christian Tadele, an Amhara MP ,is reported to have been detained after being roughed up by Abiy’s security agents ( despite his constitutional immunity ) ahead of the parliamentary vote on the draft emergency proclamation !

The fact of the matter, though, is that almost two-thirds of Amhara Killil is now under the control of the AMHARAs and their gallant anti-genocide Fanno fighters ! There is little more of Abiy’s genocidal federal troops can do to reverse the course of the civil war ,the main reason why Abiy has declared a state of emergency almost three months after he started waging a full-fledged civil war on the AMHARAs! Abiy cannot possibly kill enough AMHARAs to annihilate all 50 million of them ! In fact ,the boomerang effect may be a 5-million strong Amhara insurrection to defenestrate the genocidal Abiy kleptocracy from the hallowed grounds of Grand MENELIK Palace in Addis Ababa ! This may well be the single most important implication of the after-the-fact state of emergency declared in the Amhara killil !


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