Abiy Ahmed: excerpts from the genocidal speeches of Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize winner

Abiy Ahmed: excerpts from the genocidal speeches of Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize winner

Mesfin Arega

“If you try to threaten my power even slightly, hundreds of thousands will be slaughtered in a single night.” (Abiy Ahmed) 

Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia is everything bad in Habyarimana of Rwanda multiplied by a thousand. The Amhara hatred of Abiy Ahmed is much worse, way too much worse, than the Tusi hatred of Habyarimana. The viciousness of Abiy Ahmed is extreme, way too extreme, to be compared to that of Habyarimana. Since he came to power about five years ago, Abiy Ahmed has done nothing, absolutely nothing, but prepare Ethiopia for an all-out genocide on the Amhara which would make the Tusi genocide of Rwanda a mere child’s play.

However, unlike Habyarimana, Abiy Ahmed is a pathological liar who lies, not out of fear or anxiety as compulsive liars do, but for the sole purpose of manipulating and deceiving others.  He has put his lying skill to good use to seduce so many prominent Ethiopians and, of course, the Nobel Peace Prize committee.  

Abiy Ahmed is a unique phenomenon in Ethiopia. True, like all countries of the world, Ethiopia has had its own share of ruthless leaders, but not to the extent of Abiy Ahmed.  Abiy Ahmed is worse than ruthless, he is an extreme sadist who drives immense pleasure from the suffering and humiliation of others. However, what makes Abiy Ahmed even more unique is his lying nature.  Unlike most ruthless leaders who are known to be in-your-face straight talkers, Abiy Ahmed is a disgusting liar. Most Ethiopians have never ever seen such a lying private citizen, let alone a public figure, and a prime minister at that.  Abiy Ahmed lies so often and to such an extent that most Ethiopians no longer hate him for his lies but despise him, making him their favorite subject of ridicule. Yes, Abiy Ahmed is despicable.

Abiy Ahmed has mastered the art of talking out of both sides of his mouth, saying one thing to his Oromo extremists and completely the opposite to non-Oromo Ethiopians. He preaches his so called “MEDEMER” (inclusion) while he practices extreme exclusion, a prime example of his extreme exclusion being Addis Ababa, the capital not only of Ethiopia but also of Africa founded by the wife of emperor Menelik. Through his prominent lieutenants like Shimelis Abdissa, Abiy Ahmed has officially declared that Addis Ababa belongs to Oromos and Oromos only and has already displace hundreds of thousands of Amhara Addis Ababans to ensure so. 

Abiy Ahmed is a true charlatan if there ever was one. He never tires glorifying peace while concocting nothing but war and, perhaps, that was the reason he was able to hoodwink the Nobel committee.  However, whenever his power base is threatened even slightly, he reveals his true sadistic color and openly calls for war and genocide, especially against the Amhara he loves to hate. The examples are too many to list, but here are few for a sample. 

  1. I will declare war.” (Only because Addis Ababans had a public meeting to form a peaceful advocacy group called BALDERAS lead by Eskinder Nega)
  2. If you threaten my power even slightly, hundreds of thousands will be slaughtered in a single night.” (Immediately after the fake coup d’état he himself plotted was said to be “aborted”).
  3. If you think Mengistu’s red terror was a horror, mine will be twenty times worse.”  (Belittling one of the darkest, if not the darkest, times in Ethiopian history, that is, until the rise of Abiy Ahmed).
  4. When Amharas are slaughtered, we do them favor by planting trees to shadow their graveyard.” (In a speech given in Ethiopian parliament)
  5. Oromos are the elephants of Ethiopia and, as such, their God given role is to crush and subjugate all other Ethiopians and make Ethiopia an empire of Oromos for Oromos by Oromos” (In a speech delivered to Oromo extremists in Bale Goba, Ethiopia)

Such is Abiy Ahmed, the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner of Ethiopia who turned out to be much worse than the disgraced 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar. In the past five years, he has overseen the slaughtering and displacement of millions of Amharas from what is known as the “Oromo region” and has now moved to the “Amhara region” to do the same, albeit on a much grander scale.  What Aung San was alleged to have done to the Rohingya by her silence is nothing compared to what Abiy Ahmed is proven to have done and is now doing to the Amhara by his lead role

However, unlike Aung San, Abiy Ahmed is still the west’s preferred choice for Ethiopia, if only because his victims are the Amhara and what the west calls the “Amhara Ethiopia”, the very Ethiopia epitomized by emperor Menelik which crushingly defeated European colonialists at Adwa, paving the way for the decolonization of the entire continent of Africa, laying the very foundation for black pride and black nationalism for blacks all over the world.    

The hypocrisy of the west never ceases to amaze. Like all informed people of the world, informed Amharas know that the west is highly selective in its outrage. However, they did not expect it to be selective to this extent. They are baffled why a world which calls itself “civilized” wails day and night for a single activist imprisoned in Russia but stays deafeningly silent when hundreds of Amharas are slaughtered in a single night by their own Nobel Prize laureate, and a Peace Prize laureate at that. If the west was complicit in Rwandan genocide, it is definitely an accomplice in the ongoing Amhara genocide.  

Mesfin Arega


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