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Molla Melaku: a brave warrior, a tribute to his valor in Fano life and unwavering courage

Molla Melaku: a brave warrior, a tribute to his valor in Fano life and unwavering courage

ፋኖን እወዳለሁ፥ ፋኖንስ አልጠላ፣

ተኳሽ እወዳለሁ፥ ተኳሽም አልጠላ፣

ሲደክመኝ አርፋለሁ፥ በጎፈሬው ጥላ።

ፋኖ አገሩ ገባ፥ ሳይሰናበተኝ፣

እሸኘው ነበረ፥ ምንም ቢታክተኝ።

Author Contact Information:
Girma Berhanu (Professor)
Department of Education and Special Education
University of Gothenburg, Sweden
E-mail: Girma.Berhanu@ped.gu.se


This is the story of a brave warrior, Molla Melaku, a tribute to his valor and a testament to his commitment to Fano. It is an appreciation to his uunwavering courage. The story stands as a poignant reminder of the courage and sacrifice made by a young Fano in the town Woldiya during a confrontation with the Oromumma soldiers of Abiy Ahmed – the Ethiopian prime minister who claims to rule for all but in practice has staked his power on Oromo radicalism at the expense of Amhara citizens.

I have had the privilege of talking to W/ro Muhalit Negash, the mother of Molla. I have also spoken to his older brother, Tesfa Melaku. They both live in Dore Gibir, near Woldiya.

Weldiya or Woldiya (Amharicወልድያ) is a town which serves as the regional capital of North Wollo, located in northern Ethiopia. It is found to the north of Dessie and southeast of Lalibela, both in the Amhara Region, at the considerable elevation of 2112 meters above sea level. Perhaps its most notable landmark is the church Woldiya Gabriel. As recently as 11 August 2021, the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) captured Woldiya from government control, but it was recaptured with the help of Fano in December 2021.

Melaku’s family are subsistence farmers. Melaku’s father passed away several years ago. Like many Amhara peasants, they struggle to get by. The TPLF attack of August 2021 not only destroyed most of the facilities in the region, but also devastated families. For the TPLF rebels, looting and plunder were the name of the game  To read more  A Tribute to Molla Melaku

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