- Turkish president Erdogan: a shameless hypocrite.

Turkish president Erdogan: a shameless hypocrite

Mesfin Arega

Turkish president Erdogan is one of the loudest, if not the loudest, critics of Israel and the United States, accusing the former of committing genocide in Gaza and the latter of supplying the genocidal weapons used by the former. The fact is, Erdogan himself is committing the very same crime he is accusing Biden for. He is pointing his index finger straight at Biden, completely ignoring his other three fingers pointing straight back at him, the very definition of hypocrisy. He is condemning genocide in Gaza at the same time he is enabling genocide in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia notorious prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, is now, as we speak, waging a full-blown genocidal war on the entire Amhara population in the entire Amhara region, fully exploiting all means of genocide available to him. Chief among these genocidal weapons are Turkish drones supplied by Erdogan. Erdogan is arming Abiy Ahmed with Turkish drones, knowing full well that Abiy Ahmed is using them to indiscriminately massacre Amhara civilians wherever and whenever they congregate, be it in schools, hospitals, markets, or places of worship. 

The question is, why does Erdogan have two diametrically opposite views of genocide, one for Gazans and another for Amhara? Why does he vehemently oppose Gaza genocide while actively supporting Amhara genocide? Why does he fervently wish for the Amhara what he dreads for Gazans? In short, what is his beef with the Amhara?

Is Erdogan still vengeful of the whippings his Ottoman ancestors suffered at the hands of Amhara kings like that at the battle of Debarwa (1576) whereby king Serse Dengel (from Shoa province) utterly defeated the Turkish invading army lead by Kadawered Pasha, killing the commander himself? Is he a descendant of Ottoman invaders vanquished in Ethiopia? Who knows? After all, is Erdogan not a Turkish nationalist proud of Turkey’s shameful colonial history

Erdogan has vowed to do everything in his power to get Netanyahu convicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC). Likewise, Amharas should do everything in their power to expose Erdogan for what he is, a shameless hypocrite wailing about indiscriminate bombing in Gaza while abetting the same in Amhara region. 



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