Anglo-Saxon’s affirmative action for the Indian American: why Nikky Haley said “America has never been racist”? 

Anglo-Saxon’s affirmative action for the Indian American: why Nikky Haley said “America has never been racist”? 

Mesfin Arega

Even though the number of highly qualified Chinese Americans (plus non-Indian Asian Americans) is perhaps much larger than that of Indian Americans, practically all highly visible positions in the biggest American companies (Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, etc.) are filled almost exclusively by Indian Americans like Sundar Pichai and Sataya Nadella.  All high profile Asian American politicians and political appointees of the US government are almost exclusively Indian Americans like Nikki Haley.  Indian Americans like Dinesh D’Souza are highly sought-after “experts” in overtly and covertly white supremacist right-wing think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).  Why? Why? Why?

When the republican presidential candidate Nikky Haley said “What do you want me to say about slavery?” (to a person asking her about the possible causes of the US civil war), she was revealing her true opportunistic character, ever careful not to cause the slight offense to the power that be, on whose funding her presidential campaign entirely depends.  On the other hand, when she said “America has never been racist”, belittling the horrendous plight of millions of Black Americans subjected to the ultimate savagery of the Anglo-Saxon for more than 400 years, she was divulging the very core of her foundational belief, the spiritual basis of her upbringing as a second generation Indian American born of first generation Indian Americans, that is, immigrants from the Indian subcontinent with propensity to hold the Anglo-Saxon, their viciously abusive colonizer, in the highest regard, as if they are suffering from chronic Stockholm syndrome.   The very same Indians who, during the second world war, voluntarily fought in Africa, Asia, and Europe on behalf of their own colonizer the Anglo-Saxon, forming the largest subservient volunteer army in history, the British Indian Army of more than 2.5 million.  

As a direct product of the thousands-year-old, all-encompassing caste system in India, the caste-conditioned, subservience-prone Indian sees the racist hierarchical ordering of society according to assumed blood purity not only as normal but also as natural and, therefore, absolutely essential for the orderly progression of human society with peace and tranquility.  Such a racist caste system so deeply ingrained in the Indian society was further promoted by the English colonizers of India who found it invaluable for further widening the already very wide division of Indian society, so much so that English colonialists were able to rule the whole Indian subcontinent with relatively insignificant opposition, insignificant even when compared to the opposition they faced in a tiny African country like Somalia.  

For a caste-conditioned, subservience-prone Indian, supporting the Anglo-Saxon’s racist hierarchical structure of humanity in which the Whiteman is at the top, the Blackman at the bottom, and the Indian man at the middle is conforming to the very nature of humanity and, therefore, is not being racist but being naturalist, so to speak.  Believing that the Anglo-Saxon is the cream of humanity, the greatest aspiration of the caste-conditioned, subservience-prone Indian has always been to serve the Anglo-Saxon cause more than the Anglo-Saxon himself.  In doing so, he opportunistically serves himself by reaping economic benefits from the Anglo-Saxon’s racist hierarchical structure and deriving personal satisfaction and status gratification from being above the Blackman in that racist structure. 

This, then, is the basis of the win-win symbiotic relationship between the white supremacist Anglo-Saxon and the caste-conditioned, subservience-prone Indian, attested by the ever-increasing number of Indians in highly prominent political and business positions in both the USA and UK, Nikky Haley herself being a prime example.  The other prime example is Rishi Sunak of the UK who had the audacity to say “Never let anyone tell you that this is a racist country”, only because the Anglo-Saxon found it convenient to make him the non-white front face of the overtly white supremacist UK government

 Perhaps, Rishi Sunak needs to be reminded that he is now sitting on the very chair the notorious white supremacist Winston Churchill used to sit and say “I do not admit that a great wrong had been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia by the fact that a higher-grade race has come in and taken their place” in addition to saying “Indians are beastly people with beastly religion”, while millions of subservient Indians were voluntarily fighting and dying for the British government under the British Indian Army.  These quotes of Churchill should be enough to convince Mr. Sunak that the Anglo-Saxon UK government is fundamentally and structurally white supremacist and that he (Mr. Sunak) is nothing more than a non-white symbol for this white supremacist UK government.  If Mr. Sunak is still not convinced, he may be swayed a little bit more if he is made aware that his recent predecessor, Boris Johonson, once wrote The best fate for Africa would be if the old colonial powers, or their citizens, scrambled once again in her direction; on the understanding that this time they will not be asked to feel guilty.  The continent may be a blot, but it is not a blot upon our conscience … The problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge anymore.”

The white supremacist Anglo-Saxon has three core reasons for appointing the likes of Nikki Haley and Rishi Sunak to high profile positions in the Anglo-Saxon economic and political structure, and for ensuring the economic success of other caste-conditioned, subservience-prone Indians in this racist structure.  The first simple reason is that Anglo-Saxon is absolutely comfortable and doesn’t feel even slightly threatened by these Indians, in whatever high position he places them, knowing full well that all they care about is thriving under his white supremacist system and will never ever dare challenge the system in whatever shape or form.  The Anglo-Saxon knows the Indian, whom he subjugated for centuries, like the back of his hand, and his absolute trust in the absolute loyalty of any Indian at any position is very unlike his inherent mistrust and permanent fear of the Blackman even at the lowest of positions. 

The second reason of the Anglo-Saxon for aligning with the likes of Nikki Haley and Rishi Sunak is that he can easily make these caste-conditioned, subservient Indians say and do things (with regard to the Blackman) the Anglo-Saxon would never, ever be able to say or do without causing huge uproar.  This is why when the Indian American Dinesh D’Souza about a decade ago, and the other Indian American Nimarata Randhawa (who Anglicized her name to Nikki Haley) few days ago effectively said there has never, ever been racism in America, there was barely a murmur let alone an uproar.  Had the white supremacist Trump said what the Indian Americans Dinesh D’Souza and Nikky Haile said about racism in America, the response would have been entirely different, and all hell would have broken loose.  However, for the white supremacist, what matters most is the supremacist message, not the messenger.  Moreover, the white supremacist is keenly aware that a white supremacist message carries more weight and has the potential to convince more people when delivered by non-white Indians than by the white supremacist himself.  

The third reason why the white supremacist allows caste-conditioned Indians to succeed (up to a certain extent, of course) in his white supremacist, Eurocentric system is to use this facilitated success of Indians for waging psychological warfare on blacks.   The white supremacist recons that by allowing caste-conditioned, subservient Indians to succeed to a certain extent in his white supremacist, Eurocentric system, he will have the full justification to absolve himself of all crimes he committed on the Blackman and to fully blame the Blackman himself for his own predicament.  His intent is to humiliate the Blackman by assertively saying that, had the Blackman been hard working and obedient to the Eurocentric, white supremacist system like the Indian man is, he would have been as successful if not more, considering he has been in America much longer, way much longer, than the Indian man.  

The fact is, the Indian man succeeds in Anglo-Saxon dominated, Eurocentric, white supremacist government systems like the USA and the UK, not because, as pundits would have us believe, he works harder or is educated higher but only because the Anglo-Saxon allows him to succeed, for his own selfish reasons, of course.  Otherwise, the Anglo-Saxon would have done to the Indian man what he has done to the Blackman time and time again in places like Tulsa (Oklahoma) and Wilmington (North Carolina) to make sure the Blackman never ever comes out of the vicious circle of poverty and crime, knocking him out hard and fast every time he tries to stand up.  

One sinister, truly sickening, way the Anglo-Saxon facilitates the success of the Indian man at the expense of the Blackman is by making sure that the Indian man benefits most from whatever new opportunities the Blackman opens through his hard fought struggle against the Whiteman, even though the Indian man was nowhere to be found alongside the Blackman during the struggle, that is, if the Indian man is not covertly sabotaging the struggle of the Blackman on behalf of the Whiteman.  This fact alone clearly shows what a devilish and vindictive creature the Anglo-Saxon white supremacist is.  On his part, the Indian man needs to be told loud and clear that, standing aloof in name of abiding by racist restrictive laws while the Blackman fights these racist restrictive laws to open up opportunities, and then rushing to fill these newly opened opportunities in the name of being a minority is dishonorable, if not outright disgusting.  But again, when one is thoroughly conditioned by a caste system and is long accustomed to subservience, dishonor may be the least bother.  The Indian American wants to have his minority cake and eat it too.  

In this respect, it is highly instructive to contrast Indian Americans with Chinese Americans.  Unlike Indian Americans, Chinese Americans are not shackled by a deeply ingrained all-encompassing hierarchical caste system. Moreover, unlike Indian Americans who hold their Anglo-Saxon colonizers with highest regard and are ever ready to fight and die for the Anglo-Saxon, Chinese Americans view the century of Anglo-Saxon domination of China as the century of humiliation.  However, until very recently, what the Anglo-Saxon saw in Chinese Americans was not their Chinese nationalism but their potential propaganda use in his life-and-death struggle against the Blackman.  As such, Chinese Americans were lumped with Indian Americans as law-abiding, peaceful, hard-working, and successful Asian Americans who should be role models for the “lazy, unruly, rowdy, and crime-prone” Black Americans.  However, after China grew exponentially to catch up with the west in a very short time and started to claim its rightful place in the world thereby violently shaking the very foundation of Anglo-Saxon domination of the world, the Anglo-Saxon instantly rebranded Chinese Americans as Chinese nationalist villains and criminals and immediately set out to replace them all by subservient Indian Americans amenable to Anglo-Saxon domination.

This explains why, even though the number of highly qualified Chinese Americans (plus non-Indian Asian Americans) is perhaps much larger than that of Indian Americans, practically all highly visible positions in the biggest American companies (Google, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, etc.) are filled almost exclusively by Indian Americans like Sundar Pichai and Sataya Nadella.  This also explains why all high profile Asian American politicians and political appointees of the US government are almost exclusively Indian Americans, like Nikki Haley.    If this is not mentioned by its proper name and called affirmative action for the Indian American, it is only because the affirmative action is driven by none other than the Anglo-Saxon himself who, through his big media empire, has complete control of what to say and how to say it.  The irony of ironies is that these affirmative action beneficiary Indian Americans are the first to cry foul every time they see a single black soul in positions they fully dominate.  For the Indian American, affirmative action is wrong only when he is not the beneficiary of the action, and the minority card is wrong only when it is not pulled by him.       

The west will leave no stone unturned to sabotage China’s development and make India economically and militarily much more powerful than China.  This is because the west is as sure as the Sun rises form the East that India, no matter how powerful it becomes, will never, ever challenge, let alone dismantle, what the west mischievously calls “rule-based international order” which is nothing but a complex military, political, financial, and propaganda system of the west lead by the USA for controlling and exploiting the whole world in the name of freedom, democracy, and human right.  The best India can aspire for is to play increasingly bigger role in this Eurocentric, white supremacist neocolonial order of the west, commensurate with her increasing economic and military clout.  However, the west’s greatest fear is that China (with the help of Russia) is about to dismantle this neocolonial order of the west on which the affluence of the west entirely depends, that is, unless China is quickly stopped dead with indispensable help from India. As such, the west has no issue acceding to India’s demand and will happily let India be the front, non-white face of this Eurocentric, white supremacist neocolonial order, just as Rishi Sunak is the front, non-white face of the overtly white supremacist UK government, and just as white supremacists are grooming Nikki Haley is to be the front, non-white face of the covertly white supremacist USA government.  

Judging from his speech at the Joint Session of Congress (on June 22, 2023), the caste-conditioned Hindu nationalist leader of India, Narendra Modi, seems to have happily agreed to be the non-white face of the Eurocentric, white supremacist neocolonial order of the west, and was, rightfully, treated by the west like a savior of the west for agreeing so.  Modi will indeed save the west from oblivion should the west, with India’s crucial help, be able to stop China and Russia from dismantling the neocolonial order of the west, without which the whole western world (particularly Europe, including the so called European powerhouse, Germany, let alone England, the sick man of Europe) will nosedive from “first world” to “third world” in matter of few decades.  

The irony, or rather a clear manifestation of the west’s hypocrisy, is that the Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi, who is now accoladed by the west as the bulwark of democracy against “communist” China, was accused by the same west of being a fanatical and uncompromising Hindu zealot who played a key (if not a leading) role in the Gujarat massacre, not to mention his demolishing of a mosque in Ayodhya to build a Hindu temple in its place.  Indeed, the hypocrisy of the west is legendary, in that it can instantly turn a person from a hero to a villain or from a villain to a hero depending on the role the person plays or is being prepared to play vis-à-vis the west’s self-serving “rule-based international order”.  In the same vein, one can’t help reaching an unfortunate conclusion that, perhaps, a cast-conditioned Hindu is as boundless an opportunist as a white supremacist Anglo-Saxon is a boundless hypocrite.  

The opportunist nature of the Hindu nationalist BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) government of Narendra Modi is easily contrasted with the principled stand of the ANC (African National Congress) government of Cyril Ramaphosa. When India was in dire need of help in the 1970’s, Russia (the USSR) provided her with all the help it can muster while the west did the same for India’s archenemy, Pakistan.  However, when Russia, facing an unprecedented sanction by the west, needed any help it can get from anyone opposed to west’s domination of the world, Modi turned away from Russia and went straight to Washington (DC) to openly declare his allegiance to the west by addressing the US congress.  If Modi keeps buying Russian oil in opposition to the west’s sanction, it is only for two opportunistic reasons.  First, Russian oil is much cheaper and, therefore, in line with Modi’s economic opportunism.  Second, Modi can use his oil business with Russia as a bargaining chip to get more out of the west’s neocolonial order. 

Contrary to Modi’s opportunistic Hindu nationalist government, the ANC government of Ramaphosa stuck to its age-old principle of fighting apartheid anywhere and everywhere in the world, stood loyal to its age-old apartheid era friends, and went all the way to the ICJ (International Court of Justice) on behalf of the Palestinian people, knowing full well that the west will gang up against South Africa, just as it does against Russia,  to make South Africa pay dearly for its principled anti-apartheid stand.        

Just as the opportunistic Indian Narendra Modi is helping the west keep its Eurocentric, white supremacist, neocolonialist order intact, the Indian American Nikki Haley is helping the American white supremacist keep his grip on the US government intact by saying America has never, ever been a racist country and, therefore, should proudly keep doing what it has been doing race wise for the last 400 years.  

The present day Anglo-Saxon view of the Chinese American is such that, had there been an exact political replica, a clone, of Nikky Haley doing and saying exactly the same thing like Nikky Haley, except that she is Chinese American, the Anglo-Saxon would never allow her to be a lieutenant governor of a state, let alone a governor, a US ambassador to the UN, and now, a potential US president.  In the eyes of the Anglo-Saxon, the greatest, if not the only, desirable qualification of Nikky Haley is her being removed but only a single generation from the Indian caste system which has been paramount in India for thousands of years and, therefore, is deeply ingrained in the Indian psyche, permeating all aspects of Indian life, having lasting effects on the Indian view and understanding of the world, especially their take on colonialism and slavery.     

With regard to colonialism and slavery, the white supremacist has never ever been comfortable in the presence of a principled, proud Blackman.  The moment he faces such a man, he instantly becomes pretentious, trying his best to act as smart and series, all the while dreading that his contorted face and rolling eyes are revealing his uneasiness.  This cannot be attributed to his guilty consciousness due to his colonial barbarity, because he does not feel the same way in the presence of the Indian man, whom he savagely colonized for centuries.  It cannot also be attributed to his fear that the Blackman has the will, the zeal, and the potential to completely dismantle the Whiteman’s domination and cut the Whiteman to his proper size, because he does not feel the same way in the presence of the Chinese man whose country, China, may soon dethrone the west once and for all.   The white supremacist’s whole demeanor in the presence of a proud Blackman is as if he is suffering from some kind of deep inferiority born out of assumed or actual prowess of the Blackman and as if he is trying his best to hide this inferiority by acting superior.   As such, the Whiteman seems to feel good about himself only when he can say bad things about the Blackman and, shrewd as he is, he has many indirect ways of saying just that. 

Nikky Haley’s recent statement of kowtowing (pandering) to the Anglo-Saxon that America has never, ever been racist should be viewed in light of this urge, this compelling need of the Whiteman to say that (or to have somebody else say that) the Whiteman is superior to the Blackman and repeat it ad nauseam.  The racist message the Whiteman intends to convey to the whole world through Nikki Haley is that the horrible condition of the Blackman in America is not because America is racist but because the Black American himself is horrible, that is, unlike the honorable Indian man, let alone the super Whiteman. 

To sum up, when the Indian American Nikky Haley said America has never, ever been racist, she merely stated what her Indian caste background conditioned her to believe in.  For Nikki Haley and her likes, arranging society hierarchically based on race and skin color is not being racist but conforming to the natural order of humanity and, therefore, is the best arrangement for any society.  It is in this sense that, for caste-conditioned Nikky Haley and her likes, the Anglo-Saxon system (which has caused incalculable damage to nature and humanity) is the most just system the world has ever seen.   And it is for this very reason that the Anglo-Saxon will do everything in its power to make Nikki Haley the next president of the US, following in the footsteps of the other caste-conditioned racism denier, Rishi Sunak of the UK.   

What makes what Dinesh D’Souza said about a decade ago and what Nikky Haley repeated few days ago so offensive to blacks is the audacity of newcomer Indian American to lecture the age-old Black American about racism in America, sort of a child teaching her mother about childbirth.  But again, this is the very reason the Anglo-Saxon is grooming Nikky Haley for, to keep offending the Blackman so as to deflect the Blackman’s principal focus away from his principal enemy, the Anglo-Saxon, towards second rates like Dinesh D’Souza and Nikky Haley.   Alas, the racist offense to the Blackman from the Anglo-Saxon White House, the very White House built by none other than the Blackman himself way long before the Anglo-Saxon brought the Indian man to America, will get worse by leaps and bounds if and when the Anglo-Saxon makes the house the official residence of the Nikki Haley, the affirmative action beneficiary second generation Indian American born of caste-conditioned, subservience-prone, Anglo-Saxon worshipping Indian immigrants who hold their once colonizer the Anglo-Saxon with the highest regard, and whose greatest aspiration is to thrive in the Eurocentric, white supremacist Anglo-Saxon system by serving and defending the system more than the Anglo-Saxon himself.  

Mesfin Arega


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