Kenya Police Arrest 101 Ethiopian Men


Kenyan police said Tuesday they arrested 101 Ethiopian nationals suspected of traveling illegally through Kenya on their way to South Africa.

The suspects appeared before Magistrate Victor Wakumile but were not charged because they did not understand English and there was no Amharic interpreter. Wakumile postponed the case to Wednesday when an interpreter would be available.

The Ethiopians were arrested Monday night along with three Kenyans suspected of trying to sneak the men across borders, said Noah Katumo, the head of Kenya’s Special Crimes Prevention Unit.

Katumo said the men arrived at a three-bedroomed house in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, in small groups. They had intended to continue the journey to South Africa.

Kenyan police have previously said the routes used by those who sneak people from the Horn of Africa are the same ones used to smuggle illegal weapons, drugs, elephant ivory and rhino tusks.

Early last year, 95 Ethiopians were arrested near the Kenya and Tanzania border on their way to South Africa.

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