Is Al Shabab an insurance against Ethiopian and Kenyan agression [Mareeg Media]


Is Al Shabab an insurance against Ethiopian and Kenyan agressionHostile ‘International Community’ Adv. Dr. Abdulqadir Hagi Mohamed Tallman

‘The international community’ is busy trying to weaken Somalia and torture it, until Somalis accept
Kenyan-Ethiopian hegemony.

A hostile ‘international community’ that come up with nonsensical formulas several times every year:

– a federal system, to keep Somalia divided and weak,

– an incomprehensible constitution,

– a President that cannot fire the Prime Minister he nominates,

– numerous federal states that specialize, under Ethiopian prompting, in defying the Federal Government.

The list goes on and on.

The ‘international community’ wants Al Shabab defeated. The ‘international community’ wants an

end to the pirate problem.

But ‘the international community’ does not want to help build a strong Somali National Army.

Because such an Army would be a threat to Ethiopia.

The dilemma facing the ‘international community” is a tough one: how to resuscitate Somalia, without

endangering Kenya and Ethiopia.

As a first condition for the defeat of Al Shabab, Ethiopian and Kenyan forces must withdraw from Somalia.

Otherwise, Al shabab stays. It is that simple.

Many Somalis do not like Al Shabab. And Somalis do not hate the West.

But Somalis won’t allow Al Shabab to be defeated.

Al Shabab is an insurance against Ethiopian and Kenyan colonialism.

The Western-concocted Federal Government is not, in the Somali eyes, worthy of trust.

As I write this, They are selling the Somali sea and land to Kenya and Ethiopia.

The ‘international community’ had better understand, and accept, that simple truth.

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