It’s not business as usual, Enough is enough! people are Saying No! [Wondemagne Ejigu Kebede]

Habtamu Bogale's blogI want to commence this article with a little story, that I think will depict what I want to say metaphorically. It was some few years back. I was in Nairobi, Kenya for a few days. I was in a bus and suddenly a preacher with a bible in his hand starts to preach to the whole of the passengers. Apparently a very common practice on buses in Nairobi. after their imposed preaching they go around in the bus and collect money from the passengers. But I used to wonder if it was the right thing to do? Because of two things, one- Its a public transport and there are obviously passengers who are not Christians and I think they should not be bothered by this preach. right? The other one is- in every bus I noticed that there is a noticeable sign that says ”No disturbance”, ”No Fighting”, No Smoking”, ”No preaching”… etc its a sort of the rule you should abide while travelling. But the preachers always violate the rule by preaching in the bus. I always wonder why the conductors or the drivers allow this.

But this specific day minute after we started our journey. The preacher started to preach. Business as usual. But not this day. A young woman who sat next to me take a cigarette from her bag and started to smoke. everyone was shocked. The conductor rushed and politely told her that she could not smoke in the bus. However, she politely declined and replied ” I will stop smoking only if the preacher will stop preaching in the bus. As both preaching and smoking in the bus are prohibited” Then the preacher, the conductor and also some of the passengers tried to convince her. but she insisted. she said NO! and kept on smoking. That day was not business as usual for the preacher. he had to stop preaching. Then she also stopped smoking. I was intrigued by her stance and I had a little chat with her. from my conversation with her. What struck me is that she is a christian. But she did what she did just for other none christian passengers who are forced to bare this noise called preaching during their journey.

In light of what is happening in Ethiopia currently, its clear that its not Business as usual! The dictatorial regime of Ethiopia being the ”preacher” always ”preaching” and the people being the young lady as firm as an Iron to say NO. In short, what the people are saying to the TPLF dictators is  stop  preaching. People are extremely tired of the endless preaching. TPLF dictators and loathers can no more assume things are as usual. so that they could keep on orchestrate a televised meeting like they did just before few months on bad governance and corruption. They can not perform a none sense drama, bullshit soupopera on a public media and redicule  the public by saying that they have done a study about bad governace and corruption. No! not any more.  Because people know that every high official in that meeting is part and parcel of the bad governance and the corruption. The middle man and the brokers are families and friends of the high authorities in that same meeting.  What the people are saying is you can Not ridicle us anymore. you can not take our petience for ride.

People are saying No to the countless lies and stupid rhetoric excuses and explanations. TPLF dictators can not deny any more that 15% of the population of the nation is starving to death. TPLF dictators cannot presume that people are passive and tried to present the moronic comparison of the starvation with California or Australia. They can Not try to confuse the people with jargons, terms and cooked reports. It’s not even remotely possible to confuse the people by irritating, irresponsible and offending excuses given by the Prime Minister  on his interview to the Reporter ”private” newspaper regarding the famine (as for me, I was about to vomit while I watched that interview). No! It’s not possible now.

What people are saying is simple, you cannot take our land in the name of ”development” and condemn us to be labourers in the ”developed area”. No, not anymore. TPLF’s can not anymore ratify and approve any law as they wished. The bonanza days for the TPLF’s and their sympathies to make billions of dollars by the public land is over. Evicting farmers from their lands and selling their land for fake foreign investors and local ”investors” who are nothing but filthy thieves will not be possible anymore.  I remember once the late Prime Minister said that if its about development then even the” state house” could be demolished. but if he could say this now, people will definitely reply, ”you can demolish your” state house”, but not my land, not my backyard”

All in all, like the young lady that insisted in the bus in my story, people of Ethiopia are determined to say NO. its simple and unwavering NO. The TPLF dictators had countless chances to rectify their misdeeds for the last 25 years. But power and money gave them a stubborn arrogance. Their arrogance consequently blinded them to cross the red line. It’s evident that all dictators tend to cross this red line. Even the last two regimes are good examples. However, as the saying goes ”Those who forget the past or history are condemned to repeat it!” It’s true. We are seeing a very momentum and defining historical moment in Ethiopia. People are saying No and The dictators are condemned to repeat history for the third time row. This time around, in my view people are united and more aware. What is happening to Gonder is a case in Welega. What is happening in Wellega is a bell to demonstrate in Afar. The old tactics of the TPLF dictators divide and rule between tribes or fabricating of a” bomb blast story” (what they did in Anwar Mosque) are outdated! All are tired of this shit and they will for sure infuse more anger to the public.

I suggest, if the TPLF dictators could listen, but what is common with dictators is they don’t listen. They are always hooked to their illusion ideas. Like a Junkie to a drug. But if they could miraculously listen,  then it’s time to immediately step down. Simple and easy. Unfortunately, they won’t. You see, in my story the young lady smoked a cigarette in a bus to make the preacher  stop preaching in the bus.  It’s evident the dictators will keep preaching, but the people will smoke you in fire. The smoke will consume the dictators as sudden and progressive massive wave like a tsunami destroying every TPLF member and its supporters. This smoke symbolically portrays the frustration, injustice, the bad governance, corruption, the killing, persecution we Ethiopians undergo in the last 25 years. Now its ready and ever vigilant to reverse things unexpectedly to consume TPLF. To the shock and surprise of the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia. Not business as usual!

Keep the fire burning to my fellow Ethiopians!

Written by Wondemagne Ejigu Kebede

From Sweden, Sveg.

Email, wenneve@gmail.com

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