Celebrating Absurdity to Ethiopians: The Day of Lose of a Country [Prof. Dejenie A. Lakew]

Prof. Dejenie Alemayehu LakewWhat is Gibot 20 has to do with Ethiopia and Ethiopians? Why a person who lost limbs, body parts and suffering from all sorts of ailments, celebrate the day he/she contracted all these life threatening causes, unless the person either is forced to do so or unconscious and unaware of him/herself and the surrounding. No place in Ethiopia that is not bleeding and crying from the clutches of the globally known bandit group Tigary TPLF and no government office that is not run by a huge upper echelon from people of Tigray, no business that is not occupied dominantly by these people and no land that is not claimed by them. It is a day that practically changed the Tigray region to reign and give a full authority of guns over other parts of Ethiopia to rob, steal and make itself rich and wealthy. The day that changed the resourceful regions in to resource less to its people and the one with minimal resources in to resourceful to its poor people.

Why Ethiopians should celebrate this day, the day our country lost its existence, mocked and robed its history, the day the livelihood of every Ethiopian is threatened, the day in which every youth either living on streets or opting desperately to leave the country enemas and perish in deserts, oceans and slaughtered by savages of deserts or leading a miserable life in concentration camps and prisons of unknown parts of the world while penniless poor individuals from Tigray build big buildings, run illegal businesses and live large across the country, Why celebrate this day where Ethiopians are systematically uprooted from their lands and replaced by settlers from Tigray through illegal and in a treacherous way to claim the lands as theirs few years later (in fact 5 years later, in America it takes more than 10 years to be a citizen, let alone to claim part of Virginia to be a place for new settlers from Africa because they lived there for five years-an ever seen type of theft of lands): Welqayt Tegede Telemt, Agew Midir, Gambella, Addis Ababa and its surroundings, Merkato and all business quarters across the country are practically occupied and owned illegally by members of these tiny 6% of the Ethiopian society of shameless thieves.

Why the Oromo people celebrate this day when a false statue of an amputated breast is built by TPLF at their front yards as a constant reminder of a false past and retardant of a future ambition and development, where the language of prisons is named Oromgna and every peasant is kicked out of his/her home and handover by force the place to a newly illegally made resourceful but resource less peasants from Tigray while these same termites build industries, factories, and plan to build railways in their small regions to load resources from the resourceful regions and change their region to be an economic center of wealth. Why the Agnuaks people celebrate this day while it is a day that causes them to suffer in a way they never saw in the history of their existence.

Why the Amharas celebrate this dooms day, the day that causes the slaughter of them, displacement and lose their livelihoods in every part of the south, in their own places by intentionally created false divisions within themselves, where they are uprooted everywhere, denied to occupy offices in their places and in places where they are the majority. Since TPLF came to power although Amharas are the majority in Addis Ababa, but they are denied to rule the city and instead TPLF ruled by decree in a way similar to a place in a state of emergency, it appoints a person from TPLF, that has nothing to do with the place or a non Amhara person to make sure Amharas do not occupy major offices everywhere even in their own places. The Bole international air port in Addis Ababa, again a place in Amhara land is guarded and controlled by peasantry army from Tigray, the Ethiopian airliner is literally called Tigray Airliner. Why the Amharas celebrate this bloody day where they are forced to leave their lands, and hand over practically to TPLF to be incorporated to Tigary and those who decided to stay are forced either to change their language or leave their lands.

Therefore Ethiopia and Ethiopians have no purpose and have no any connection to the day what is called Gibot 20 – the day the Tigray TPLF celebrates as it gives an accidental gun power to lead a criminal enterprise called TPLF with a motto of a mission “ To robe and make Tigray prosper”.

There is no crime more than celebrating a crime itself.

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