ODF Statement on continued people’s struggle in Ethiopia

ODF-StatementReiterating our unwavering support for non-violent resistance by the Oromo people and others in Ethiopia for human rights, freedom, and democracy we want to make one thing abundantly clear: No amount of violent suppression by the TPLF junta can longer hold the peoples of Ethiopia into submissions. Now the people of Gondar are joining their Oromo brothers and sisters, determined to end the TPLF junta’s marginalization, rises in their millions demanding legitimate rights, there can be no force that can derail it from its course towards certain victory.

The freedom bell that began ringing across Oromia in the last eight months is finally reaching the people of Gondar and we are delighted to welcome our Gondar brothers and sisters to the just struggle for ending the TPLF brutality against the peoples of Ethiopia. The status quo of the last 25 years is shattered and no longer tenable. All attempts by the ruling party to gain control of the volatile situation through single use of security and military means has come to no avail. As we welcome the people of Gondar to this fight, we call up on other Ethiopian regions to join-in to expedite the down fall of TPLF junta and free the peoples of Ethiopia. We are also sounding the alarm that if the current situation prolonged and the 25 plus years of TPLF having effectively marginalized Ethiopian communities and destroyed political opponents; imposed the political and economic dominance for their own, and illegal appropriation of land and wealth; having institutionalized corruption and damaged the legitimacy of state organs; Ethiopia risks sliding toward chaos with simmering societal discontents that will results in situations similar to Somalia and that of other failed state with possibilities of civil wars breaking out in our country that will further destabilize the entire region.

Hence, averting further national tragedy is incumbent on all stakeholders and the ODF Executive Committee, therefore, makes a pronged call to all Ethiopian political and civic organizations inside and outside of the country to unite and expedite the non-violence resistance in all corners of our country. Second, we reiterate our brotherly stand and unwavering support to the people of Gondar and we call on the movements leaders to coordinate our efforts to free the country from tyranny. Third, we call on the international community to stop financing the TPLF junta with military and security aids; the status quo of the last 25 years in which this junta single-handedly dictated the country’s future is unsustainable and we ask for your intervention and help convene an all-inclusive conference to prevent further bloodshed and the destabilization of the entire Horn of Africa region.

The liberation of all freedom seeking Ethiopians is inevitable and we caution all parties to take measures to escape being on the wrong side of history.

Freedom and Justice for All!
Oromo Democratic Front

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